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15 Ways to Reduce Back to School Stress

Posted by Skye Anderson on Aug 15, 2019 11:31:18 AM


It’s already time to be preparing for going back to school! Where did the summer go?! To help ease any back to school stress you may be feeling, we’ve researched the best ways for you to be successful your first week back to the grind.

1. Create a Supply List

Do you have all the pens and highlighters needed for success this semester? Make a supply list of all the items you need for each of your classes. Some of your classes may require more specific or unique items, so check ahead and be prepared for your first day.

2. Establish Your Sleep Schedule

Start getting into the routine of waking up early and going to bed at a reasonable time. Even though the semester doesn’t start for a few weeks, it can take that long for your body to get use to a new sleep schedule. If you’re productive as soon as you wake up, that’s even better to prepare for those early morning classes.

3. Eat Healthy and Get Exercise

Your body will thank you for getting into a healthy routine before you have the stressors from school. Going to the gym, eating healthy, getting lots of rest, hanging out with friends, and reading are things you can work into your everyday routine… starting today!

4. Buy a Red Arrow Student Express Pack

Our Red Arrow Student Express Packs are a great way for students to save on travel during the school year. They give you five trips for the price of four, and until September 30, we're offering an additional $40 off the Student Express Packs. This back to school promo is valid only for travel between Edmonton and Calgary, and between Edmonton and Fort McMurray. For more information on Student Discounts, click here.

5. Buy a Bullet Journal

If you’re not familiar with Bullet Journals, you should be! They’re a fun and creative way to stay organized. Instead of buying a day planner, you get to create your own. Bullet Journals have blank pages waiting to be designed by you, for anything you need. Common spreads are Mood Trackers, Fitness Goals, Calendars, To-Do Lists, etc. For back to school, consider making a spread listing items you need for school, a September calendar, semester goals, and when assignments are due.


6. Explore Ways to Rest and Recharge

Going for a walk, reading a book, taking a short nap, or doing a puzzle are common ways to rest your mind and recharge your body. Don’t feel guilty for taking an hour break if your body is telling you to. Studying for hours on end is exhausting, and if you’re tired, you aren’t going to take in the information as well as you would rested.

7. Print Off Available Syllabuses

Often teachers or professors will post the syllabus online before the semester starts. Some professors will even assign projects on the syllabus, due for the first day of classes! If your syllabus is available, review it and take the necessary steps to have a successful first week.

8. Save Part of Your Upcoming Paychecks

Unless you can find time to work during school or have a student loan, you may have limited funds throughout the school year. Save a small portion of your paychecks and put the money into a semester emergency fund. It’s always a good idea to have a little financial cushion in case something unexpected pops up.

9. Meal Prep

Do you ever get jealous of other people’s lunches? Take the time to prepare delicious, healthy, affordable lunches for school. Eating the right fruits, vegetables, and proteins will give you significantly more energy than the usual fast food options available on campus. You can find hundreds of easy, healthy lunch options online, and people will start to envy your delicious lunches instead.


10. Clean and Downsize

It’s been a while since spring cleaning, so take the time to go through your clothes and household items to declutter. Clutter can be stressful, whether you’re aware of it or not, so getting rid of unnecessary things before school is a good idea. Take things one step further and create a Zen study space after you’ve decluttered.

11. Attend School Orientation

Check in advance if your school is having a Student Orientation before the semester starts. Even if it’s not your first year, the orientation is a great way to meet new people, get in the loop with school events, get free swag, learn about student discounts, and these events will usually have free food!

12. Be Aware of Possible Study Distractions

Make a list of things that tend to distract you when you’re trying to focus. Common distractions are social media, Netflix, video games, books, cleaning, etc. If you build an awareness beforehand, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable when these distractions occur.

13. Make a List of Goals

It’s always good to have goals in life but make a specific list of goals for this semester. What would you like to accomplish academically? How many hours per day should you study? Is there something new you’ve wanted to try for a while? Having a list of goals will keep you on track with school tasks and new experiences you may want to conquer.

14. Buy Non-Perishable Snacks

Those loud tummy rumbles can be embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than feeling faint or hungry in class, because then that’s all you think about. Granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, popcorn, crackers – these are all items that are perfect to keep in your backpack or locker in case of emergencies.

15. Sign-up for One Extracurricular Activity

New experiences are the best way to grow and evolve. Research the extracurricular activities at your school or nearby in the community. Being active and meeting new people is a healthy way to stimulate your mind this semester and take a break from studying.


Be a Rockstar this semester and impress not only your parents and teachers, but also yourself! These steps will reduce some of the pre-semester stress you may currently be feeling. Don’t forget to buy one of our Student Express Packs before September 30 to receive $40 off.


Call today to purchase your Student Express Pack: 1-800-232-1958. Please have your Student ID card ready.





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