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3 Mobile Apps to Make Business Easier While Traveling

Posted by Red Arrow on Sep 7, 2015 12:07:00 PM

mobile-apps-for-business-travelersBeing productive no longer requires office workers to be stuck in the office or tethered to a desk. Instead, you can now work from the road with productivity applications for your phone, tablet, and computer. One of the drawbacks of driving yourself for business travel is that you are not able to utilize these cool productive applications since you need to be focused on the road and making sure you get to your destination safely. Business travellers that want to be more productive while travelling for work have learned that taking alternative means of transportation, like a luxury coach, can help them focus on business and not on driving.

The following three mobile apps can help ensure that your workplace is always just a click away.

Three Mobile Apps for Business Travelers

1. Evernote

Beloved by businessmen and women who are creatively minded, Evernote aims to cut down on your packing list by taking away the need to carry around a notepad, calendar, or to have coworkers near by in order to get work done. One of the most popular productivity apps available, Evernote revolves around five main features: text, photo, reminder, list, and chat. Text allows you take detailed notes that will save you from having to fumble around looking for a pen. Photo makes taking and storing pictures a breeze. Reminder allows you to store handy wakeup calls, plane departures, and conference calls all in one place. List is a virtual to-do that will organize your growing tasks. Finally, chat keeps you connected to other Evernote users back at the office without having to switch over to your email or text app. Users can download Evernote on the Apple, Google, and Windows store or upload the program to their own Apple or Windows computer. With a Plus and Premium versions with larger work capacities and storage space, there’s a version out there for every business or user.     

2. Nimble

Nimble integrates social media, emails, calendars, chat, and other productivity segments by creating easy-to-access client cards whenever you speak digitally with a client or prospect. The iPhone and Android app then analyzes the makeup and frequency of your communication to pick out the most attractive content. It will even let you know if anyone in your contact cards needs immediate followups. At $15/mo/user, it is an affordable alternative to pricey and outdated software.

3. EchoSign  

One of the busy business travelers biggest pet peeves is lacking access to a printer, scanner, or fax machine. When an item needs to be reviewed, signed, and returned, an inability to personally sign can slow down business. To combat this problem, EchoSign provides your legal signature whenever you need to sign a document, contract, or other material. It also allows other parties (coworkers, clients, etc.) to digitally sign or receive your document as well, cutting down on back-and-forth emails and phone calls. Echosign is available to purchase with individual, monthly plans or with a larger business subscription and can be used on an iOS or Android capable device.

An Office at Your Fingertips

Taking to the road does not have to drag your business productivity to a halt. With digital applications made for business leaders and Wi-Fi while traveling you can take your office anywhere. Whether you need the ability to sign important contracts, chat with coworkers, or curate your business contacts, mobile apps allow you to stay productive out of the office, giving you peace of mind during all your travels.  


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