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3 Ways to Save Money On Business Travel in 2016

Posted by Red Arrow on Jun 7, 2016 10:30:00 AM

ways to save money on business travelEven though it’d be great for morale, you probably don’t fly your employees first class on business travel. And if you’re weighing all your travel options by checking numerous websites before booking travel arrangements and hotel rooms, you’re already doing better than many travels. As professionals, we understand that saving time is saving money. Below we’ve outlined three ways to save money on business travel in 2016.

1. Fly Less

As we’re sure you’re well aware, flying can be extremely expensive. And for businesses, booking a flight for an employee can cost you more than the average traveller. How so? Airlines have figured out the algorithm for when the average person purchases tickets for a business trip, and as a result, tend to increase prices on those days of the week.  

Additionally, airline rates can vary dramatically during different times of the year. You may have an airline you prefer to use for travel but might find that their rates have skyrocketed during the summer months.  And of course, businesses will incur fees for parking at airports, which can be in the upwards of hundreds of dollars.

2. Utilize Corporate Charters

If your travel destination is close enough, consider corporate charters. Many businesses in Alberta are tightening their belts and looking for solutions to save money on travel. At Red Arrow, our corporate charters are a great option for businesses looking to cut down on travel costs for their employees. Not only are charters a less stressful option, with your employees arriving at their destination relaxed and on time, it is less expensive. Unlike airports, our charters allow companies to save on reimbursement fees for gas, parking, and any additional expenses that could be incurred.

Time is money, we get that. And more often than not, airline WiFi is not only a pesky added fee, but its functionality is spotty at best. Travelling via a coach allows your employees an uninterrupted flow in their work day allowing them to continue doing what they do best — making your business money. Red Arrow coaches are equipped with complimentary WiFi allowing working to stay productive during essential travel time.

3. Use Your Time on the Coach for Conference Calls

One of the greatest features of every Red Arrow luxury coach is the single row privacy seating. This allows for professionals to get a solid amount of work done while they travel. Some travellers even use this time to make important conference calls, something they wouldn’t be able to do from the air. With a laptop plugin, 30% more legroom, and fold down table, your employees will feel right at home working from the road.

Of course the luxury features don’t stop there. Red Arrow coaches feature reclining leather seats, a complimentary gallery with snacks and drinks, armrests, overhead compartments, satellite radio, and even onboard movies for the worker that needs a break.

Skip the airport lines, hidden fees, and less conducive work environment. Red Arrow can show you how to save money on business travel. Click here to see where Red Arrow can take your team this year.

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