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40 Reasons to Love Red Arrow

Posted by Red Arrow on Jun 27, 2019 12:03:24 PM


40th RA Coach in Grande Prairie

In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we came up with 40 reasons to love Red Arrow. Leave a comment below and let us know why you love us!


1. Safely Home

Represents our deep commitment to safety. Not only were we the first to install seatbelts in all coaches, our professional and well-trained drivers know the roads so well and ensure we get our passengers Safely Home.

2. Family owned

Our focus is on people; both our staff and passengers, because we consider them an extension of our family.

3. Alberta based

When you travel with Red Arrow, you’re supporting a local business that invests in the local economy.

4. Comfortable seats

The number one priority for passengers is being comfortable, and we make sure our seats are well equipped for inter-city travel.

5. Free WiFi

This ensures you can connect with friends and family, study or get that report done all on the road.

6. Customer service

Our focus on customer service is one of the reasons we have so many amenities for our passengers to enjoy.

40th RA Coach w Driver Rob Zukowski

Our friendly driver Rob Zukowski

7. Enjoy the view

Letting us do the driving allows you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful Alberta countryside along the way.

8. Ample luggage allowance

We allow 4 pieces of luggage for free, and 2 more for an extra charge of just $10.

9. No line ups

Avoid the lineups of security at the airport, and simply check-in 15 minutes prior to departure.

10. Frequent traveler points

You can earn frequent traveler points every time you travel and then redeem them for free trips in the future!

11. Fold down tray tables

Allows you to put your device and/or snacks in a convenient place, for a more comfortable ride.

12. Seatbelts

We have seatbelts in all coaches and have for many years. In fact, we were the first motor coach company to do so!

13. Power outlets

Need to recharge? We have plugs and USB ports at every seat.

14. Movies

Want to escape along the way? We play movies on every trip and we can sell you ear buds if you forgot yours, too.

15. Free snacks

No need to stock up on your own, simply head to the gallery in the back for some cookies, pop, water, coffee, or tea.


This retro photo shows we've had complimentary beverages and snacks in our coaches since the beginning

16. Wheelchair accessible

All Red Arrow coaches are wheelchair accessible; we just need 24 hours notice to ensure we’re ready for you.


17. Generous cancellation policy

Plans changed? We only need 30 minutes in the morning and 3 hours notice after 12 noon.

18. AMA discounts

Enjoy AMA discounts on all types of travel.

19. Senior rates

We offer special rates for our senior travelers.

20. Express packs

Travel often? Purchase in bulk ahead of time and receive 10 trips for the price of nine!

21. Convenient locations

Downtown to downtown service in most of our locations saves the hassle of taking taxis from the airport to your destination.

22. Our people

Our friendly, professional Passenger Experience Representatives and our Drivers are there to ensure you have the best trip possible!


Shannon Walters and Candida Martin at our Grande Prairie Ticket Office

23. Connectivity

Serving 26 communities across Alberta, we’ve got you covered on connections!

24. Giveaways and contests

We love to give back to Alberta! We have contests and giveaways on social media - like our Edmonton Eskimos ticket contests.

25. Overhead bins

Easily store your carry-ons in our convenient overhead bins.

26. Online booking

Easily book your trip on our website and be sure to register with us to receive those travel points or get special rates.

27. We're social

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, where we share travel tips, things to do, beautiful shots of Alberta, and important updates.

28. Student rates

We offer reduced rates for our post-secondary students who are on a budget but want the amenities of our Red Arrow coaches.

29. Core values

We live them every day: safety, customer service, resourcefulness, integrity, positive attitude, teamwork, loyalty, accountability, respect, and dedication.

30. Advance seat selection

Know exactly where you’re sitting right when you book your trip. Choose from window, aisle, or a single seat.

31. Single aisle seating

Travelling solo and need some extra personal space? Reserve our single seats at no extra charge.


Single aisle seating on the right side for extra room and comfort

32. Ticket offices

We have got well appointed departure lounges in convenient locations around the province so waiting to board is comfortable for you, too!

33. Washrooms

No need to wait for the next stop, we’ve got washrooms on board all our coaches.

34. Connecting you to Calgary Airport

By advance reservation, we can stop at YYC! Just reach out to our call centre to make an advanced booking: 1-800-232-1958.

35. Merchandise

Forgot ear buds or a charger? Need a blanket? We’ve got you covered at all our ticket offices!

36. Quality time

Use your travel time to connect with your travel partner. Instead of concentrating on the road, you can focus on what’s important – each other.

37. Armrests and footrests

It’s the little things that count! Armrests and footrests at most seats make the ride that much more enjoyable.

38. Passenger experience representatives

Our friendly, local Passenger Experience Representatives ensure everything goes smoothly for you, from booking, to checking-in to loading and unloading, to greeting you when you arrive safely home.

39. Corporate accounts

If you’re using Red Arrow for business travel (and you should!) sign up for a corporate account so you can be billed afterwards, and you can cancel at any time if a meeting gets cancelled at the last minute.

40. Sustainable form of travel

Every Red Arrow full size coach takes a potential of 36 cars off the road, every departure. Using us means you’re contributing to the health of the planet!





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