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5 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted by Skye Anderson on Feb 13, 2020 9:56:24 AM

Homemade Valentine's Day card

The day of love is tomorrow, and while top Google searches this week remain to be chocolate and flowers, there are other options for unique, and better yet, sustainable gifts. Although events like Valentine’s Day are certainly special, they generate a lot of waste through excessive packaging and single-use items. We’re sharing five sustainable gifts that will have your loved one, and the environment, thanking you profusely. These gifts are not only great for Valentine’s day, but throughout the year as well!

1) DIY card

Do you want to give your partner one of the most memorable Valentine’s Day cards they’ve ever received? All you need to make this gift is paper and your choice of writing utensils! It’s way more fun to come up with your own card, instead of picking one from a store. You can personalize it with a fun memory, inside joke, or detailed artwork.

2) Local, hand-crafted jewelry

By supporting a local business, you’ll be able to give a one of a kind gift that also comes with a unique story. This is also another way to be more sustainable because you can pick the gift up yourself, rather than have it delivered in excessive packaging. Research local artists online or check out your local markets to find artisans whose products align with your morals and values.

3) Experience gifts

Experience gifts can have a certain amount of waste attached to them, so keep in mind your sustainable values while looking for this type of gift. Some sustainable experience gifts include yoga classes, building your own terrarium, or purchasing eco-friendly travel options (like a Red Arrow Express Pack).

4) Cook a vegan dinner

There have never been so many healthy, tasty, sustainable recipes as there are now. And it’s only going to keep getting better and better. Try experimenting with your culinary skills by cooking a thoughtful meal for your significant other. You can head down to your local market to find locally sourced ingredients and produce, and even get tips from the expert farmers.

5) Relaxing massage

This gift is extremely sustainable and easy! Just make sure you’re using a natural oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil (make sure the company you’re buying from has sustainable practices). There are even some soy candles that you can drip on your partner during the massage and use the candle holder as a plant holder afterwards!

We hope that these gifts have you thinking outside the box and will spark some creativity in your gift giving. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Red Arrow!


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