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A Parent's Guide to Traveling to and From University

Posted by Red Arrow on Oct 20, 2016 10:31:00 AM


Those months of planning for your child’s continued education have finally paid off and now your bright, young student is off at university. However, as the winter break will soon be approaching, you probably want your kid home for the holidays. Here are some top concerns that parents have when sending them off to school and coordinating their return:


Often teens go off to college without their own transportation, which can create an issue when students are ready to come home for the holidays. Not everyone can afford to fly their children off to school and home, which means that other transportation options need to be considered.

Furthermore, owning and insuring a car can be expensive. Registration fees, car maintenance, gas costs, parking, and dealing with traffic are all reasons why a lot of people don’t own their own vehicles. A local car share environment allows you to split the cost with other passengers, ultimately saving money. Taking a coach, sometimes called a bus, is a great low-cost and safe option for trying to see your loved one more frequently.


It can be tough for a college student to get around town without their own transportation. Purchasing a ticket for them so they can take the coach home makes it easier on them as now they can focus more energy on the books rather than finding fellow students to carpool with. Some companies, like Red Arrow, offer ticket packages which further reduces the price per ticket.


This is always a number one concern when it comes to your kids, and it’s the number one concern at Red Arrow. Red Arrow has a record for safety and makes it a paramount goal to happily reunite you and your college kid. The Safely Home program is a declaration of absolute commitment to safety across all operations and ensuring a safe and fun journey for all of its passengers.

See how Student Express Packs can help get your student safely home. Buy Your Express Pack online today, over the phone or at any one of our ticket offices.

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