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Affordable Travel Alternatives for Corporate Travel, Meetings & Events

Posted by Red Arrow on Mar 4, 2015 10:47:00 AM

corporate_travelOffsite, corporate meetings and events are the perfect opportunity to bring together a large amount of employees and/or clients in one place. However, getting your group there and back can be tough on your budget. When deciding on affordable travel alternatives to transport a group on the road to meetings and events, there are a number of pros and cons to consider when choosing between personal vehicles and chartering a coach.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling via Car

Giving the employee or client the option to be at the wheel of his or her own vehicle can be a freeing one. For the business, it lessens the burden of arranging private transportation or handling logistics outside of providing directions. Your employee or client may also appreciate the freedom to handle his or her own transportation in a vehicle they are comfortable with. One’s own car can be a safe space to relax, prepare mentally for the corporate meeting or take personal road breaks.

On the other hand, a driving employee or client can pose a safety risk by engaging in distracting driving habits such as checking email or texting. Getting lost with a bad set of directions can also derail the entire trip with one wrong turn. However, one of the most important downsides of personal driving is the expense. With most employers covering at least some of the expense of gas and mileage, budgeting for a large amount of employees or clients to travel at once can mean a ton of out of pocket expenses. Add parking fees downtown or at the event’s location into the mix and the cost of that independence truly adds up.  

Chartering a Private, Motor Coach

Forgoing the personal freedom of driving your own vehicle may be something that some employees are reluctant to overcome. However, a private charter coach can make up for the inconvenience with many add on bonuses and cost effective benefits.

As an employer, your first thought is regarding the safety of your employees. Traveling by coach keeps staff and clients from being distracted on the road or giving into the temptation of using the phone while driving. It can also ensure that everyone arrives at the same place at once without having to manage misdirections or a confusing fork in the road.

While on the coach, employers can make sure their employees are comfortable and able to do any work needed. Modern coaches are outfitted with amenities that are important to a business person—WiFi, power outlets at each seat, etc. While traveling to further away meetings or events, your employees can stay in touch and up to date with business back at the office. Not only can they stay in touch from afar, they can also build a bond with those on their coach by being in one place at one time, giving time to interact with one another before the group sets foot in the door at their event.

Where the charter coach truly beats out the personal vehicle is in money saved. The shared coach can be quite economical for larger groups. This is especially true when factoring in the expenses paid to each employee for gas, parking, meals on the road, and mileage while traveling in their own vehicle.

Choosing the Right Transportation Alternative

Getting from Point A to Point B with a large group can be challenging. Deciding between allowing an employee to transport themselves or taking a shared charter coach, should come down to the pros and cons. While the personal vehicle may grant an employee more freedom and autonomy, the bus is the most affordable, safe, and reliable means of traveling off-site to corporate events with your entire staff.

If you have a need to transport your team to a meeting or event in Alberta, feel free to fill out a charter request form or allow us to bring a coach to you so you can see the Red Arrow for yourself.  


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