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Are Airline Baggage Fees Weighing You Down?

Posted by Red Arrow on May 1, 2015 8:42:00 AM

airline_baggage_feesIf you are a frequent traveler, you have no doubt experienced the common dilemmas of choosing your travel method. Flights may be faster, but they involve added hassle in the form of traffic, security, and fees. While flying is an excellent alternative for longer distances, shorter trips—for example, Calgary to Edmonton—can be made more convenient by traveling by coach.

Airline Baggage Fees Add Up Fast

The commercial airline industry has suffered as a whole in recent years due to increased security, lack of consumer confidence, and public relations challenges. One way this has visibly affected the market for commercial flights is in baggage fees. Even the first checked bag on most airlines will incur a fee of $20 to $50, with an incrementally higher fee for second and third bags ($35, to $75), as well as an even higher additional bag fee per bag after the first, sometimes as high as $125. For those who have not mastered the art of traveling light, or who are taking lengthier trips, this means spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily.

Coaches Do Not Have Exorbitant Fees

Motorcoaches typically offer every passenger the opportunity to stow suitcases and carry-on bags free of charge with additional bags traveling for a small fee of. Airlines will often charge fees between $75 - $100 each way for storage of additional items such as bicycles, surfboards, or guitars while traveling on a motor coach the fees are substantially less.

It’s true, you can take a bike, golf clubs, snowboard or skis on board the Red Arrow and it’s covered by a small fee… much less than what the airlines would charge for similar items. You can can see the entire list of items you can take on the Red Arrow as luggage and the fees by clicking here.

There are always trade-offs to choosing a method of travel, but it is important to consider your preferences and personal travel style when making decisions for yourself, your firm, or your family. Do you tend to bring more than one piece of luggage with you when you travel? Are your trips generally only a few hours each way? Traveling by coach may prove itself to be much more cost effective for you long-term by saving you money on high baggage fees.

Compare the cost of driving yourself and flying to taking the Red Arrow. You will find that it really does make sense to take a coach.

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