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Arranging Transportation for Your Next Golf Tournament or Corporate Outing

Posted by Red Arrow on Jul 12, 2016 9:51:00 AM


Summer is officially upon us. The days are long, warm and you might be thinking about ways to keep your employees motivated at work. What about a company outing or retreat to keep morale boosted?

Just remember, an outing is meant to be something nice for your employees and not something that’s more difficult than fun. Asking your employees to drive their own vehicles to a location other than the office — especially if it’s a long distance — is bound to get negative feedback. Arranging transportation for your next corporate retreat makes it easy for your employees and the company. This post will walk you through the benefits of chartering a coach for your company outing and what Red Arrow offer to help.

Why Rent a Charter Bus?

Initially you may have thought that renting a bus would be more expensive than having everyone drive themselves. In reality, you’re probably going to end up paying more in reimbursements for employee parking and gas. Renting a charter bus for your company outing not only eliminates costs for you, but provides a ton of benefits for your team.

For one, it’s comfortable. Something as easy as comfort on a day off from work goes a long way. Employees can relax, make small-talk with other employees (which increases team building), and have a stress-free start and end to the event. Second, it gets everyone to the outing at the same time. Think about it: how many of your employees run late to work everyday? Chances are if they’re late to work, they’ll be late to the tee time too.

Third, it’s safer. Anytime you schedule a company outing, you have to consider the safety of your employees. Asking them to drive their own vehicles, especially in the early morning, for long distances, or in poor driving conditions, is a hazard to their safety and something you have to consider as an employer. Rent a charter bus and ease your worries. Your team will arrive together and most importantly, safely.


Why Choose Red Arrow?

So, you’re convinced that you should rent a charter bus for your next outing and now you’re wondering where you should rent it from. Look no further and book with us.

A Red Arrow luxury coach is equipped with reclining leather seats with “private row seating,” onboard movies, complimentary beverages and snacks, fold down tables, and much more.  Each coach offers complimentary WiFi and power outlets, incase any work needs to get done before the outing officially starts. Optional onboard meals are also available. And don’t forget to take advantage of the power outlets to keep those phones charged so you can snap your onboard pictures of all the fun you’re having on the road while someone else is doing the driving.

At Red Arrow, we pride ourselves on safety. It’s our first core value and at the heart of what we do. We are committed to making good choices for not only ourselves, but our co-workers, passengers, and for the general public. We also offer a corporate travel plan with loads of benefits such as no minimum travel requirements, preferred pricing at select hotels, and more.

Make sure both you and your employees are relaxed for your next outing or retreat and book a charter coach with Red Arrow. Give us a call and we would be happy to set you up with a coach that fits your needs!   

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