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How Chartering a Bus Saves Your Business Money

Posted by Red Arrow on Aug 11, 2016 9:07:00 AM


As a business owner, you’re all too familiar with the expenses that come with running a company. From salaries and bonuses, to rent and electric, it can seem as if the costs of running a business just keep piling up. While there are some things you just can’t avoid paying, you do have the power to reduce costs where you can.

One line item where you can reduce your costs is employee transportation. Using Red Arrow luxury coaches will save you money for multiple business ventures, be it conferences, work retreats, travel for meetings, or daily employee transportation. Here are a few reasons how chartering a bus saves your business money:

Flying is Expensive

Depending on when you’re flying, rates can be astronomical. Especially if you’re covering the cost of travel for a large group of staff, your grand total will be quite high. And not only are there costs involved with flying, but there are extra expenses you’ll need to consider before sending your staff to the airport.  Think about gas getting to the airport, rideshare, taxi, or parking fees, and even luggage costs — all these pesky expenses are things you may have to reimburse once the trip is over.

Driving is Expensive

Just like flying, there are costs incurred by organizations who reimburse employees for travel expenses when they take their own vehicles. Things like parking, gas, and wear and tear of vehicles might not be much of an expense when it’s just for one employee, but if you’re coordinating the travel of multiple employees, the cost of driving personal vehicles is considerable.

Why Charter a Bus?

Corporate charters are a great option for businesses looking to cut down on travel costs for their employees. Red Arrow allows companies to save on reimbursement fees for gas, parking, and any additional (and hidden) expenses that could be incurred. With Red Arrow, you’ll incur just one expense, you’ll understand and know the fee up front, and best of all, it’ll be less expensive than the alternative!

Additionally, we understand that time is money. More often than not, you’ll expect your staff to work during plane flights. And, on top of the added fee, WiFi on planes is horrible — email rarely loads, spreadsheets won’t populate, and don’t even get us started on streaming music.

Travelling on Red Arrow luxury coaches allows your employees an uninterrupted flow in their work day. With our complimentary WiFi your employees can work on reports, check emails, and stay in touch with co-workers; consider our coaches their office-on-the-go. Red Arrow’s high-speed internet allows your team to stay productive during essential travel time to do what they do best — make your business money.  

If you have a smaller group (13-25 passengers), no problem! You can charter a mini-coach or shuttle van! Companies love the convenience of chartering a smaller vehicle for their staff. Whether it’s transporting your entire team to a conference attendees, or sending your them on a team-building retreat, we have smaller vehicle charter services to suit your needs.

Our No-Hassle Corporate Travel Plans

Every year, your business is losing hundreds of productive work hours when employees fly or drive for work. Allowing them the ability to open a laptop, take a business call, and work on-the-go while travelling with Red Arrow will potentially save you and your company hundreds of dollars every trip!

Save money on business travel today with a Red Arrow Corporate Account. Corporate Travel Plans offers no-hassle cancellations and no fee to sign up. As a corporate traveler you have the added benefit of being able change the date and time of your reservations, or cancel reservations, prior to your departure (with notice), WITHOUT fees or penalties, even during blackout travel day.

Great Corporate Travel Benefits:

  • No minimum travel requirements. No fee to sign up.
  • Fares can be paid by credit card or charged to your Corporate Travel charge account and billed on a monthly basis
  • Preferred pricing at select hotels.
  • Corporate travellers are eligible for Frequent Traveller Points.
  • Hotel and car rental reservations (including rental car pickup or delivery upon request).

Click here for three easy steps to start saving money with our Corporate Travel Plans.

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