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How Conference Shuttles Make For Happy Conference Attendees

Posted by Red Arrow on Jul 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

conference_attendeesConferences are great places for attendees to network and stay up to date with the happenings in their industry, but for the people hosting them, they can be a logistical nightmare, especially when it comes to transportation and parking. Attendees can be late or miss important events because they’re lost in an unfamiliar city, or spending hours trying to find a parking spot. Having a conference shuttle eliminates these problems, adding value and reducing stress for everyone involved.

Savvy conference planners and corporate travel planners know the value of using shuttle services for conferences and company meetings. Shuttles can be used for transporting attendees from the airport to their hotels, for transportation from their hotels to the conference venue and even for site seeing trips. Savvy conference planners and corporate travel planners know that if the majority of people attending are from out of town, or if the conference takes place in a busy downtown area, it is absolutely essential to utilize charters in some capacity.

Airport Transfers

At many conferences or corporate meetings there are a select number of hotels used by conference attendees or that are recommended by the event organizers. Because of the limited number of stops that need to be made, offering a shuttle from the airport to the conference hotels makes a lot of sense and makes travel a lot easier for conference attendees. Airport transfers can be scheduled to depart from the airport when the majority of attendees flights are arriving and can bring attendees back to the airport on the last day of the conference when the bulk of attendees are returning home.  

Conference Events

Conferences of any size are a logistical nightmare, especially when it comes to transportation. Finding a way to and from a conference every day can be a real challenge. Attendees may struggle to find sufficient accommodations, as taxis will be in high demand. And if everyone is driving a car this not only puts a strain on the host city's infrastructure  causing traffic jams, it makes providing adequate parking exceptionally more difficult. Add to all of this the cost of taxis and parking, you’re looking at extra expenses on top of the conference fees. Shuttle services make financial sense for your attendees and make going to the conference more attractive and stress-free.

Business Travelers

Professionals attending a conference from out of town expect to be treated well, and having a shuttle that runs to and from hotels is an important way to make them feel that they are. It’s for their own good too: even in the age of GPS enabled cell phones navigating an unfamiliar city can be at best frustrating, at worst treacherous.


Professionals attending conferences or corporate meetings in new and scenic places often never get a chance to experience some of what the host city has to offer. They only see the inside of a conference room for several days before returning home. As a corporate travel planner or conference organizer you can enhance their time at the conference or corporate meeting by use charters to transport attendees to local landmarks or take them on a site seeing tour.  

Buses vs. Coaches

Another consideration that conference planners and corporate travel planners need to consider is the type of shuttles and transfers to arrange? Would your attendees be satisfied with a bus, similar to what is used in cities with few if any amenities, or are they more accustomed to a luxury coach with complimentary Wi-Fi, restrooms and leather seats?

In either case, having a shuttle for your conference not only simplifies event logistics, it makes for a more enjoyable experience for all. The use of charters make life easier for attendees, and they also contribute to the atmosphere of networking that a good conference provides. Providing a shuttle at your next event is a great way to ensure it will be one your attendees won’t soon forget.

If you have a need for a customized shuttle schedule, airport transfers or site seeing tour for your next conference or have other charter needs, feel free to contact us.


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