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How Government Employees Are Saving Money on Work-Related Travel

Posted by Red Arrow on Feb 12, 2014 11:23:00 AM

work-related_travelThere are many considerations and responsibilities involved in the management of large government agencies, one of which is the cost of government vehicles or reimbursing staff members for using their personal vehicles. The resulting scrutiny in the wake of released details, such as Aaron Schock’s irresponsible allocation of government funds for travel, has only intensified existing pressure on government agencies to lower costs.

Government employees have faced extreme conditions, like pay freezes, and understand the benefits of examining opportunities for cost reduction. Private sector players such as Google use a shuttle strategy complemented by a sustainable fuel system, which is free and efficient for its employees. Educational institutions such as Vassar College have discouraged incurring personal vehicle expenses in travel.

Like those organizations, government agencies can benefit from the lowered work-related travel costs and work-friendly amenities of corporate luxury coaches while leading from the front in environmental sustainability.

Emphasis on Productivity and Convenience

Modern, luxury coaches are designed for business travel. Lost commute time suddenly becomes regularly scheduled, valuable prep for the day’s priorities by relieving the individual of the responsibility of driving and providing them with conveniences such as wi-fi, power outlets at each seat, and USB ports for mobile devices.

Consider Solutions to Volume of Occurrences

In order to implement a large scale travel solution for your government agency, such as coach service between your offices in Calgary and Edmonton, they do require advanced planning. If an agency can budget for a certain amount of travel throughout the year, establishing a shared transportation structure will help save money on expensive alternatives used because of last-minute convenience.

Large Meetings Simplified

Conferences and off-site events become more cost-effective and simple to arrange with the use of a private charter and will amount to a lower overall cost than individually reimbursing participants for the costs of travel using personal vehicles.

There are many benefits to implementing shuttle, bus, or charter strategies to meet government agencies’ travel needs. These include increased productivity during commute time, lowered risk of travel-related accidents, and increased availability of previously dedicated funds for other services.

Speak to a representative of a firm experienced in providing convenient, low-cost transportation solutions who can discuss how a bus or shuttle system can help your operations.

Save Money On Your Corporate Travel  

Save Money on Corporate Travel

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