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How Sports Teams and Tournaments are Successfully Using Charter Transportation

Posted by Red Arrow on Oct 6, 2016 10:33:00 AM


One of the biggest challenges to managing a sports team is the cost of travel, and when you are a coach of 12 or more players, it’s worth taking some extra time to determine the most efficient way to get to the games.

Chartering a shuttle van for sports teams can ensure that the players get to the game on time and safely. If an event is thousands of miles away then it might make more sense to fly, but if a match is within a few hours then taking a charter bus sure beats everyone driving their own private vehicles.

Here are some reasons why a charter is a great option for getting your team from point A to point B:

1. Safety

If players are expected to take their own vehicles, then that leaves a lot more room for risk. Not everyone (especially a young driver) is ready for a long road trip and the effort of getting to the game can leave the player or their driver fatigued and exhausted.

Plus, when you get everyone together they tend to build their excitement surrounding the trip, which could lead to distracted driving. Hiring a professional driver lets the parents, coaches, and players rest easy and not have to worry about getting there.

Everyone getting in their cars and driving home after a big game can be dangerous too, when players have just exerted all of their energy. For the trips to and from a big event, it’s best to leave the driving to a professional driver on a comfortable charter bus.    

2. Price

You are most likely to save a lot more money chartering a bus than everyone driving their own vehicles. Between gas prices, wear and tear on the vehicles, parking and tolls, individual vehicle expenses can add up quickly.

3. Team Building Opportunities

By transporting all of the players in one vehicle, the team gets a chance to review upcoming game plans and strategies and then recap together on the way home. Everyone travelling to a game together gives opportunities for your players to bond and allows them to keep their focus on the game.

4. Rest and Relaxation

You probably want your players to save all of their energy for the game. Being a passenger in a comfortable coach or bus allows you to jump on the WiFi and check emails, watch videos, and simply relax.

Red Arrow is the perfect provider of transportation for sports teams. Our drivers offer outstanding customer service and years of safe driving records. We take pride in seeing the smiles on passengers’ faces at the end of every journey. Need to charter a motor coach or smaller vehicles for your upcoming game? Request a quote today!  


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