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How to Save Your Corporate Travel Budget

Posted by Red Arrow on Feb 11, 2015 11:25:00 AM

company_travel_budgetCorporate travel budgets, while nice to have during good times, are usually the first to go when the economy loses steam or competitive pressures mount. Regardless of whether your chief travel concern is shuttling employees between multiple offices, travel for corporate events or making your sales team safer and more productive, there are several ways to save money on regular travel before it's too late and you have to cut deep into your travel budget. 

In order to avoid your travel budget being seen as the first opportunity to trim the fat, look for progressive and reasonable methods to creating savings in the existing budget in order to avoid more drastic cuts later on.

Buses as a Convenient Alternative to Driving or Flying

Buses can be ideal methods for regular transport of employees. Amenities designed for the business traveler such as wi-fi and power outlets make them ideal for traveling professionals by keeping them available and connected every step of the way. Buses relieve professionals of the responsibility of driving during lengthy trips and allow them to focus on work. Many private sector firms offer shuttle services for their employees in surrounding areas. This practice reduces a firm’s carbon footprint and can contribute positively to firms’ office culture by making travel easier for their employees.

Buses as a Cost-Effective Alternative for Shuttles or Corporate Meetings

The expense of a private charter or regular shuttle strategy can be much lower than individually reimbursing workers for their mileage and time spent traveling from one location to another. In addition, firms can save funds on lost work hours by using buses, since productivity during travel time skyrockets when professionals do not have to devote their attention to the road while traveling. They can respond to emails, make phone calls and otherwise contribute to their firm instead of losing multiple hours from a day due to travel.

Corporate travel budgets often become subject to drastic funding cuts, since fuel, operation costs, and fares can make personal vehicle and air travel very costly. By implementing budgets which include bus travel, savvy firms can save capital and improve travel budgets’ ability to weather economic stressors. Preserving the capacity of travel helps build relationships, but there doesn’t need to be a trade off regarding productivity. Using a luxury bus solution, actual travel costs are reduced, and productivity is increased, providing additional revenue from two sources.

Save Money On Your Corporate Travel

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Save Money on Corporate Travel

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