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Lifetime Travel Pass Awarded to Loyal Passenger

Posted by Skye Anderson on Jul 11, 2019 10:11:31 AM

The Red Arrow family not only includes our employees, but our loyal passengers as well. We wanted to give back to the people in the communities we service and to the supportive passengers who’ve been with us for years.

In honour of our 40th Anniversary, we decided to award a long-time passenger with a Lifetime Travel Pass. Congratulations to Lucy Batycky!


Lucy has been travelling with us since 1997 and is always a positive presence in our ticket offices. As a frequent passenger at the Edmonton Ticket Office, our manager Heather has gotten to know Lucy over the years.

“She is always a pleasure to talk to,” Heather says. “She checks in with us, asking ‘How have you been?’ or ‘Things are looking busy!’”

These genuine connections are what make Lucy so memorable among our staff.

We invited Lucy to our 40th Anniversary celebrations on July 9 to officially accept the award. Lucy also invited some of her family members, including her sisters, brother, husband, and grandchild. They were all very excited to see her receive this gift.

When asked why she travels with Red Arrow, Lucy says she always feels safe and the staff is incredible.

“My favourite thing about Red Arrow is the employees… and the fact that it is super comfortable.”

While reminiscing on her years of travel, Lucy recalls her first trip over 20 years ago. She was on a coach with one of our retired drivers, Graham, who operated the first ever Red Arrow trip.

“I was travelling with my three-year-old granddaughter,” Lucy shares. “As Graham was walking through the coach, he stopped at our seats and asked my granddaughter, ‘How old are you?’”

Being only three years old, she sheepishly replied. Graham then reached into his pocket and pulled out a quarter and requested, “If you stay quiet the whole trip, you can keep this quarter!” Graham handed the granddaughter the quarter, and away they went.

“She was the best-behaved kid you have ever seen!” Lucy laughs. Her granddaughter is now 24 years old.

Thank you to Lucy for her continued loyalty towards Red Arrow Motorcoach, and for sharing her experiences. We’re so proud that she is part of our family!


Our Passenger Experience Manager Heather Tait (left) and Operations Manager Sven Lisson (right) presented Lucy Batycky (middle) with a Lifetime Travel Pass.





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