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And You Thought Your Trip Was Long!

Posted by Red Arrow on Oct 14, 2016 11:55:00 AM


Did you know that Red Arrow can take you to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta? It's true, you can take a luxury coach to Calgary International Airport (YYC) and then hop on a WestJet flight (with a great discount) to some stunning destinations.

At nearly seven hours, it's a long trip to fly from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta, but a welcomed getaway compared to some of the world’s longest flights.

Take for example, the Qantas flight from Dallas, Texas to Sydney, Australia. Considered the world’s longest flight, this 8,578 mile flight will take you 17 hours. All of a sudden, a seven hour flight to Puerto Vallarta doesn’t sound so bad!  

Long-Travel Luxuries

When travelling on long trips, it’s not essential, but always appreciated, to have certain luxuries to make your time more bearable. We’ve all been on those long flights that don’t even offer peanuts, let alone a complimentary bottle of water. And with the tight seating and legroom —  if you can even call it that — resting and arriving at your destination refreshed is not even an option. WiFi is available, but costs a fee, and service is spotty at best. And, if you’re running low on battery — good luck finding a power outlet onboard.

Travellers on Red Arrow coaches can rest assured that their long trip will be an enjoyable one. All of our luxury coaches offer complimentary drinks and snacks, and comfortable leather reclining seats. Moreover, all our coaches come equipped with free WiFi and power sources so you’ll remain connected, and productive (if you choose!) on your trip. We offer onboard movies, single-row privacy seating, and local and satellite radio — a road travel experience has never been this convenient!

While longer trips make flying a necessity, the next time you look into taking a short trip, consider taking Red Arrow instead. Flying takes extra effort — having to allot time to get to your flight, arrange to get to the airport early, wait for your bags, and possibly deal with delays. Wouldn’t you rather, sit back, relax and let Red Arrow take you to your destination? And when you can’t avoid those longer trips, we’ll happily do the driving between Red Deer and Calgary International Airport.

Give yourself the gift of time — book your next trip with Red Arrow today.
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