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 Tips for Making the Most of Family Day Weekend (Video) 

Posted by Red Arrow on Feb 9, 2018 1:04:35 PM

With the Family Day long weekend coming up next weekend, we know you want to make the most of that extra time out of class and be able to spend some quality time with family and friends. Here are some tips for making the most of your long weekend.

Check out this quick clip showing how students can enjoy our service!



Be productive

With free wifi and power outlets at every seat, Red Arrow allows you to use your travel time to catch up on assignments, so that when you arrive home you can just enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Arrive revived

Even if you don't have a paper due or an important exam coming up, instead of being behind the wheel on those winter roads, use the time on the coach to relax. With free snacks, drinks, and movies on board all of our Red Arrow coaches, you will arrive fully rested with plenty of energy to make the most of your weekend!

Avoid extra stress

We all know that Alberta roads in February can be unreliable, so instead of driving yourself, why not let our friendly, skilled, and professional drivers take the wheel and get you Safely Home?

Save money

Furthermore, owning and insuring a car can be expensive. Registration fees, car maintenance, gas costs, parking, and dealing with traffic are all reasons why a lot of people don’t own their own vehicles. A local car share environment allows you to split the cost with other passengers, ultimately saving money. Taking the bus is a great low-cost and safe option for trying to see your loved ones.

We also have Student Express Packs that are a way to save even more money for our frequent travellers.

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