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Millennial Expectations Are Reshaping Travel Industry

Posted by Red Arrow on Dec 15, 2015 3:46:00 PM

millenialsMillennials were really the first generation to grow up with modern technology, and as such they depend heavily on their smart phones. Nearly half (49%) of Millennials search for travel on their mobile devices, and in light of figures like this, the travel industry is growing and changing to meet their needs.

At Red Arrow, we know how important it is for our customers to remain connected. And since we’re always aiming to provide our guests with the best travel experience, all of our coaches are equipped with complimentary WiFi, electrical outlets, and USB outlets for charging devices so that travellers can stay connected, surf the web, work on reports, and answer emails on the go.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Millennial traveller is reshaping the industry!

Social Savvy

97% of Millennials use social media while travelling, and 75% post to social networks at least once a day. The travel industry knows this is a huge market they need to tap into because while posting on social media, these travellers are influencing their peers. They’re finding new travel opportunities through companies like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Airbnb, and sharing it via their social platforms. Moreover, studies show that consumers are more influenced by their friends (reviews, blog posts or status updates) more so than any advertisement (84%).  

Unique Experiences

Growing up in a customizable world, Millennials value things that appeal to their need to be unique. This means they are less interested in packaged travel such as the cruise ships offer of beaches and bars. They want the ability to fully customize their travel experience to appeal to their sense of individuality.

Going Green

66% of Millennials said that they are most likely to invest in company well known for it’s corporate social responsibility. And with “ecotourism” becoming increasingly more popular, travel companies are starting to attract this audience by doing some good in the world.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that one in five Millennials accesses the internet through a smartphone or tablet. Mobile usage is increasing for every consumer segment and in the travel industry, where people are consistently accessing information on the go, companies are optimizing their content to better suit the mobile traveller. This even includes, yours truly!

Shared Transportation

With the rise in popularity of shared transportation companies like Uber, Edmonton’s own Pogo, or car2go in Calgary, Millennials have a multitude of options for getting around in wheels other than their own.

Cost-Conscious Consumers

With their growing desire to travel as often as possible, Millennials have become incredibly cost-conscious. Coupled with the fact that this consumer group came of age during the Great Recession, these travellers are always seeking out deals to support their travel habits.

One of the ways Red Arrow is helping cost conscious Millennials pinch pennies where they can is by offering express packs. Each Express Pack offers more trips for less money, is fully transferable, and can be shared with friends. This way travellers can save their money for when it counts — on new experiences and adventure in far off places.

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