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Not Enough to Fill a Bus? Charter a Shuttle Van!

Posted by Red Arrow on Sep 20, 2016 8:30:00 AM


Looking for affordable, reliable and safe group transportation? You’ve come to the right place! While Red Arrow might be known for our large charter buses, we offer transportation for parties of all sizes. Whether it’s for a family reunion, work meeting, conference, wedding, etc., read on to discover the best vehicle size for your next group outing.

Charter Buses

A charter bus is the perfect option for occasions when you’re transporting large groups. Many companies enlist the help of Red Arrow charter buses for their corporate events and retreats. Additionally, multiple buses can be made available for groups in need of more space.

Not Enough for a Bus?

No problem! At Red Arrow, you have the option to charter a mini-coach or shuttle van to transport your smaller groups. These vehicles are ideal for parties of 13 to 25 passengers. People all over Alberta love the convenience of chartering a smaller vehicle! Whether you’re using these vehicles for daily employee transportation needs, helping conference attendees get around, or getting your friends to the next Edmonton Eskimos game, smaller vehicle charter services are here to suit your needs.

Red Arrow mini-coaches and shuttle vans are ideal for smaller group transportation needs, including:

  • Customized conference shuttle services
  • Private employee or customer functions
  • Industrial employee transportation needs
  • Family events

Chartering a Shuttle Van or Mini-Coach Saves You Time and Money!

Consider all that goes along with personal travel — parking fees, gas expenses, vehicle wear and tear, coordination of departure and arrival times, traffic, and navigation. Imagine now if you had 25 employees (and potentially 25 vehicles) making the trip. All those parking fees and gas expenses you’ll need to reimburse are now multiplied by the number of vehicles your employees choose to take. Chartering a vehicle with Red Arrow eliminates the need for reimbursement fees of gas, parking, and any additional (and hidden) expenses that could be incurred. With Red Arrow, you’ll incur just one expense and you’ll understand and know the fee up front.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun of traveling with your fellow passengers in a Red Arrow chartered vehicle. Our friendly drivers know Alberta and will get you and your fellow passengers safely to and from your destination.

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