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Our Site is Now Mobile-Friendly!

Posted by Red Arrow on Nov 13, 2015 7:59:14 AM

Mobile-FriendlyWhat device are you reading this on? A laptop? iPad? Maybe you’re sitting at a desk reading these words on a cinema-sized monitor. Or, if you’re like 80% of smartphone users maybe you’re thumbing through this article on your way to another meeting.

With the proliferation of devices on the market these days, it’s no surprise that the number of mobile internet users is now significantly higher than that of desktop users (51% compared to 42%). And in an effort to bring you convenience on the go, our site is now mobile-friendly! Which, you may already be hip to if you’re reading this on your iPhone right now.

At Red Arrow, we are constantly seeking to provide our customers with exemplary customer service, and moving toward a responsive and mobile-friendly was a natural progression for us.  Creating a site that can be accessed via mobile devices enhances the user experience and makes for a convenient way for our on-the-go customers to book their next trip.

What is a Responsive Site?

Mobile-friendly sites are just that — mobile friendly! The site attains Responsive Web Design (RWD) by laying-out and coding a website such that the site provides an optimal viewing experience — ease of navigation and reading, as well as mitigating the need to resize content — across a range of devices, from desktop to mobile, and anything in between.

What This Means For Me

As a Red Arrow customer, you can now easily check our schedule, routes, and book your next trip — all on your mobile devices! You’ll find that browsing our site is easy and user-friendly and our new click-to-call button will instantly get you in touch with a Red Arrow representative should you have any further questions.

Travel in luxury with Red Arrow. Our state-of-the-art coaches offer luxurious features such as reclining leather seats with “private row” seating. You can remain connected to the world with complimentary WiFi and power sources, and enjoy our gallery of free snacks and drinks, onboard movies and extra legroom.

Let Red Arrow take you safely to your final destination. For more information, or to book your trip today, check out our new mobile-friendly site!


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