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Red Arrow’s Travel Tips for Getting Safely Home for the Holidays!

Posted by Red Arrow on Dec 13, 2018 11:58:47 AM



By this point in the season, you may be hearing jingle bells and deck the halls on repeat, and it’s about time that you finalized that holiday travel itinerary to get home in time for the Holidays. Whether you’ve been away at school, are heading back from work, or are just wanting to avoid general frenzy of the airport that is so characteristic of this time of year, then consider Red Arrow and book today! 

Picture this: Ample luggage allowance. No extra fees for bags that you already paid for! Don’t worry about paying for that suitcase that’s chocked full of presents, because if you hop on one of our luxury coaches you can expect to bring 4 pieces of baggage (two checked, two carry-on) included with your ticket. What’s more, it’s only 5 dollars for any for each additional piece! So stretch out in our leather, single row seats, and connect to WiFi and merrily listen to your favorite holiday playlist jingle….all the way home.

We have a couple tips to ensure your holiday travel is as enjoyable as possible. Share this with family or friends who you know are road-tripping home as a great reminder.


1. Label Your Baggage

With more and more of our travel experience going digital, it is easy to overlook some fundamental precautions that help to avoid holiday disaster. One of which is making sure your bag is labelled, the good old fashioned way! Purchase any protected baggage tag and if your suitcase is accidentally misplaced or left behind, an updated contact number will ensure the swiftest return.


2. Don't Forget Your Chargers and Adapters 

Seems obvious, but it’s so easy to forget about your phone and laptop chargers in the pre-holiday packing flurry… especially if you’ve left it to last minute (skip to number 3!) One added benefit is that you can charge on the go in our Red Arrow coaches, as every seat is equipped with outlets so you can plug in, arrive, and go.


3. Give Yourself More Time Than You Think You Need

You might roll your eyes at us with this one—but when it comes to holiday travel the best gift you could give yourself is time. Think about the baseline of time you think you might need to get to the bus station and check in for your ride. Take that number and add 45 minutes of a buffer! These times are busy and so many factors can be unpredictable on your way to catch the bus. Weather, traffic, forgotten items… do yourself a favor, plan extra and relax.


4. Bring Entertainment

Although Red Arrow is probably one of the safest and most efficient ways to travel via road this season, it doesn’t hurt to stay entertained to help the ride go by even faster. Bring your laptops, tablets, cellphones or other devices, plug in and log on to our complimentary onboard WiFi to pass the time. (Our WiFi sure is handy, but we do advise you to avoid streaming by pre-downloading any especially large files before boarding to ensure optimal connection speed!)


5. Don't Travel Hungry

You heard us, bring snacks! And if you forget, don’t worry because each of our coaches comes stocked with complimentary beverages and tasty treats.


6. Wear Comfortable Clothes!

Relaxing in one of our spacious coaches already allows for a maximum level of traveling enjoyment, but you can top this up by making sure you’re dressed for comfort for the length of your journey! Wear layers so it is easier add or remove to adjust to the temperature, and do what’s right for you.


2 Bonus Holiday Shopping tips:


1. Shop Local When You Can

If you choose Red Arrow, you’re shopping local. When you shop local, you support home grown businesses and you know your money is invested towards your community. Red Arrow is proud to be a family owned, Alberta based business and we've been serving Alberta residents and communities since 1979. We have offices, team members, and families in our locations throughout Alberta, and we support each community we serve.


222. Give The Gift of Travel With Red Arrow Gift Certificates

Red Arrow offers the gift travelers would love to have. If you know someone who does a lot of travelling or have a co-worker, client, or employee you would like to thank this holiday, our Ticket office locations will have travel gift certificates ready for you!


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