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The Top 5 Things Business Travellers Love About Red Arrow

Posted by Red Arrow on Jun 2, 2015 1:09:00 PM

love_red_arrowAs someone who travels regularly for business, it’s important that your time spent traveling is used wisely and for business travelers, time really is money. By taking a coach that’s equipped with Wi-Fi and not driving yourself you can stay productive and stay safe while getting some quality work done while on the road. There are many reasons why business travellers love the Red Arrow but we narrowed it down to the top five:

1. Productivity

There is nothing that kills productivity like having to drive yourself to business meetings between cities and spending your time focused on driving. When driving your own vehicle, it’s also unsafe to be taking phone calls, sending emails or attempting to work on your computer.  

Modern coaches, like the Red Arrow are designed with the traveler in mind and are widely used by students, government workers, lawyers and business people all types. With internet connectivity and power outlets in each seat you can work on your computer, read and make phone calls in peace without distractions or interruptions. It’s also a safer alternative to driving your own vehicle and being distracted by phone calls, text messages, and other work related diversions. Some riders say that their time traveling in our coaches is the most productive way to get between Edmonton and Calgary (and other Alberta destinations as well).

2. Wi-Fi

Just a few years ago, business travellers considered Wi-Fi “nice to have” while traveling.  However, in 2015 with Wi-Fi has become more readily available everywhere and it’s not only become nice to have but something that business travelers demand.  

It’s this focus on the traveler that was behind the installation of Wi-Fi on each Red Arrow coach. Every coach is equipped with Wi-Fi so you can surf the web, access social media accounts and send emails just as you would from the comfort of your office with the added benefits of safe travel and being transported to your destination comfortably.

On board Wi-Fi is easily one of the things that business travelers appreciate most about traveling on the Red Arrow.

3. Cancellation Policy

As a business traveller one of the most important things about deciding how to travel is flexibility and having the ability to change your plans as meetings change or are cancelled. The last thing you would want to do when arranging your travel plans is to be locked into a travel itinerary that’s inflexible and results in hefty cancellation fees or includes non-refundable tickets.

As a Red Arrow Corporate Traveler you have the added benefit of being able to change the date and time of your reservations, or cancel reservations, prior to your departure (with notice), WITHOUT fees or penalties, even during blackout travel days.

You can check the website for details regarding the cancellation and refund policy. We think that as a savvy business traveler you will like what you see.

4. Reclining Leather Seats

This is not your average coach... this is a modernized luxury coach designed for the business traveler. Red Arrow coaches are all equipped with leather seats that recline and are comfortable and spacious for all travelers. There are even single seats available for added comfort.

5. Beverages and Snacks

Last but not least: traveling for business requires that you keep your energy levels up so that you are at your best when meeting with clients or prospects on your trip. This is why the beverages and snacks are complimentary on the Red Arrow, and yes that includes the cookies!

These are just five of the reasons why business travellers love the Red Arrow. With the safety and convenience of having a professional driver insure you arrive safely and on time coupled with affordable price brings our business travelers back again and again!

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