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Transportation Challenges Facing Conference Organizers

Posted by Red Arrow on Oct 25, 2016 10:25:00 AM


Conference organizers face many logistical nightmares. Whether it is scheduling concurrent meetings in multiple rooms or feeding a ballroom full of hungry attendees, organizers have to be able to take care of the needs of hundreds of professionals.

Transportation can pose some of the biggest challenges. At Red Arrow, we work together with conference organizers to solve transportation problems. As you arrange transportation for your conference, we help you take care of the important challenges, such as:

  • Safety. All of our transportation options are safe and reliable and driven by professional drivers that undergo a vigourous training regimen. Your passengers can get to their destination without worrying about road conditions or traffic.
  • Convenience. Public and private transportation can be unreliable, leaving some of your attendees stuck or stranded along the way. By using Red Arrow services, you ensure everyone leaves and arrives at the same time.
  • Cost. Transportation can be expensive, especially for larger conferences. Red Arrow offers cost-effective solutions, no matter your conference size.

For the largest conferences, we offer charter buses to quickly transport hundreds of people. You can rent multiple buses to ensure everyone gets where they need to go.

If your conference is a smaller affair, we offer mini-coaches, shuttles or vans, which are ideal for your needs. Whether you’re using these vehicles for daily employee transportation, helping conference attendees get around or getting your friends to the next event at Rogers Place, smaller vehicle charter services are perfect for your transportation needs.

At your next conference, give yourself and your attendees peace of mind. Don’t make participants worry about parking, gas, getting directions and other hassles. Our friendly drivers are standing by to give you outstanding customer service and a safe journey to all your conference destinations.

Help everyone have the best conference possible – book a Red Arrow chartered vehicle.

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