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Travel Safely This Winter

Posted by Red Arrow on Jan 27, 2016 9:06:25 AM

iStock_000080371891_SmallDriving is particularly dangerous during winter time. Blizzards greatly reduce visibility and icy roads can cause drivers to lose control of their cars. These challenges of winter driving make a great recipe for a high-speed disaster.

Not paying attention to the road while driving is equally as dangerous. Studies show that drivers engaged with their cellphones are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car crash compared with non-distracted drivers. When drivers do other things such as texting or making phone calls, they may remove their eyes from the road, let go of the steering wheel, and worst of all don’t pay attention as they drive.

The time change during this time of year impacts drivers as well. Having less light in the day forces drivers to adjust their driving schedules or be forced to travel long, dangerous distances, in potentially hazardous conditions, all in the dark.

Another hazard of taking long drives through Alberta in the dark is the potential for wildlife to be in the road. Making evasive maneuvers in the dark, on icy roads spells disaster for drivers. Not to mention if you actually collide with the wildlife itself, causing damage to your vehicle and potentially harming the driver.

One way to reduce the risk of being involved in a traffic accident this winter is to travel on a coach when making longer trips when road conditions are questionable or at their worst.  Having a trained professional driver that’s focused at all times on the road can make sure you arrive at your destination safely.  

Travel Safe and Hassle-Free by Coach

Rather than risk driving in bad weather conditions yourself consider taking travelling in a Red Arrow luxury coach instead. Safety has always been our number one core value; it is everything we stand for. When travelling in comfort in a Red Arrow coach, you can finish that quarterly report you've been working on or be in contact with family with our complimentary WiFi. Or for those simply traveling for pleasure or to visit the family you can kick back and watch a movie instead, while helping yourself to our complimentary snacks and beverages. And on a cold day, what’s better than enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea while you enjoy the winter scenery on your trip We’ve got you covered.

People have always trusted Red Arrow to transport passengers safely home. The ease of travel and ready access to the internet means that productivity and communication never has to suffer. Stay warm and drive safe this winter.  

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