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Why Business Travellers Love Red Arrow's Cancellation & Change Policy

Posted by Red Arrow on May 19, 2015 1:00:00 PM

red_arrow_coachesAnyone who coordinates travel for many different people understands that there are aspects of a trip which must be purchased in advance like airline tickets, hotel reservations or car rentals. However, there are logistical hiccups that will arise causing plans to change, which can be a problem for wallets and budgets alike.

Business Travel is Often Subject to Availability

When coordinating with multiple professionals whose schedules frequently change, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down a date. This presents a choice of whether to risk limited availability and higher fares by waiting to book closer to departure or risk incurring change fees by changing dates multiple times. Likewise, when organizing any event with multiple attendees from across the country, things come up, and life can get in the way.

Flexible Options for Air Travel Are Costly

Some airlines offer refundable tickets (in the event of a missed flight, last minute change, or simple cancellation). However, those tickets are sold at a premium, usually almost double the price of regular non-refundable airline tickets. Business travellers who choose the less expensive flight can end up forfeiting their ticket price in the event of a cancellation, or paying exorbitant change fees for altering the date of their trip. This can amount to hundreds of dollars wasted on a single trip, which means the businesses losses can be exponentially greater.

Flying Can Become Inconvenient, Especially for Short Trips

There are many factors that make flying impractical for short trips or business trips. Luggage fees, travel costs to arrive at the airport, parking fees, time spent in traffic, time spent in line, and money spent on expensive food and drinks make flying, especially for shorter trips, more trouble than it's worth.

Red Arrow Offers the Freedom to Be Flexible

Because Red Arrow was designed with the business traveller in mind we wanted to make it as easy and flexible for travellers to make last minute changes or modifications to their business travel plans without incurring severe change fees. On Red Arrow, our policy is that any reservation cancelled 30 minutes before an a.m. departure or three hours before a p.m. departure will be eligible for refund or cancellation. Miss the cutoff? Just pay a small $15 service charge to make any needed itinerary changes. Missed departures can be rebooked within 24 hours without any additional fare charges, however during our Christmas blackout period, we require 24 hours notice. But if you’re signed up as a corporate traveller, you can make changes at any time without fees or penalties! Regardless of the time or blackout period, corporate travelers have the added benefit of being able to change the date, time or cancel a reservation prior to their departure.

Despite its speed, air travel can be inconvenient and costly, especially for travelers requiring flexibility during the planning process. Red Arrow coaches are an efficient and convenient alternative, especially for shorter trips. We understand that things happen and sometimes you need to cancel or change a departure due to changes in your business travel. That’s why our fees are so reasonable; we get it, and we want to make the logistics of your next trip as easy as possible.

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