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Why Fly, When You Can be Productive (the Downsides of Flying)

Posted by Red Arrow on May 26, 2015 8:30:00 AM

be_productiveFrom security lines and checkpoints to carry-on restrictions and airport taxis, taking a flight to your destination can be an incredible hassle. This is doubly true for short-distance trips, such as from Calgary to Edmonton. These quick flights can take a bite out of your productivity when you factor in finding a place to park, waiting in security lines and the long boarding and taxing process. Luckily, there are transportation alternatives to flying that will guarantee you arrive alert and ready to work.

The Downsides of Flying   

Flying is usually thought to be the gold standard for the busy business traveler. Indeed, for long-distance trips, this designation may be warranted; there are few ways to travel internationally or overseas faster than by airplane. However, flying on short and medium-distance trips has major downsides that can severely detract from the advantages of air travel.

Frequent fliers are well aware that any given flight is not necessarily on-time or even arriving. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 20.41% of flights are delayed, and 2.56% of flights are canceled. Your flight being delayed or cancelled could be the difference in business, causing you to either make or miss an important meeting. In addition, business travelers can be incredibly hindered when flying: airport WiFi can be unreliable and pricey, and connectivity during flights is still in its infancy. All-in-all, business people risk missing calls or responding late to important emails while flying.

On the Road to Greater Productivity

Taking a plane is not your business’s only option for transportation. For short and medium distance trips, traveling by road can be a great way to ensure both comfort and connectivity. In the past, this might have conjured up images of cramped, uncomfortable, sweaty busses. However, today’s modern coach combines top-of-the-line comfort with all the advantages of having both cell and WiFi connectivity—at a fraction of the cost of flying.

Coaches designed with the business traveler in mind are not only safe and affordable, but they also provide the best in newest technology. With built-in workstations that include power outlets and WiFi—all major conveniences that make productivity possible are included in the price of a ticket. Coach riders can also safely answer a phone, respond to a text, or compose an email without worrying about road safety or paying for an airline’s WiFi.

Productivity is not only determined by how much one can get done; it is also based on how difficult the travel is. Being able to avoid flying and taking the coach when making shorter trips will make travel much easier with fewer security lines, no more long walks through airport terminals and a decrease in cancellations and delays. Roomier, leather seating also makes it possible for travelers to kick back, relax, and prepare for a day’s worth of good work while skipping the inconveniences of airlines altogether.

Getting From Point A to Point B Without the Added Hassles of Flying

While planes may be the go-to option for many business travelers traveling thousands of miles, the hassles of flying can take away from the advantages of taking to the sky for shorter trips. Choosing the alternative of hitting the road via auto or coach has quickly become more popular. With modern coaches designed with comfort and productivity in mind, traveling connected and arriving safe and sound can keep you from having to deal with the travel frustration of flying.

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