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Why Students Love Red Arrow

Posted by Red Arrow on Sep 20, 2016 12:10:00 PM


The dog days of summer have come to an end. The weather is turning, the days are getting shorter and for students, most have already gone back to school.

It's now when many students turn their attention to getting back home for Thanksgiving and the Winter break and look to Red Arrow to make it affordable. 

Read on to discover why students across Alberta love Red Arrow:

Save money and reduce stress with Student Express Packs

Some students don't have cars on campus, which makes it tough to get a ride home for breaks and holidays. As such, they are stuck trying to arrange transportation for road trips, family visits, spring break, etc. which can become stressful, expensive, and inconvenient. Luckily, Red Arrow offers Student Express Packs for an affordable and convenient travel option. Here’s what you need to know:

Student Express 5 Packs are available to all students. To qualify, students must be 13-17 years of age and post-secondary students with a valid Student ID card.  Each Student Express Pack gives you 5 one-way trips for the price of 4!

And best of all? Your parents will love it! We’ve found that parents appreciate the convenience of our Student Express Packs and will often use them as gifts for college students who plan to travel home for a visit.

Did we mention the tickets are transferable? We get it — things change, life happens. That’s why every Student Express Pack ticket is fully transferable, with no pesky fees!  This means tickets can be shared with your friends, or simply transferred to a different person before a trip!

Sign me up, you say? You can purchase your Student Express Pack online, over the phone, or at any of our ticket locations. Please call 1-800-232-1958 for more information.

Stay entertained

If you’re driving, that’s ALL you’re doing. And the sad truth is the longer the commute, the more likely it is that you’re going to get bored and consider checking things like Facebook. Of course the danger associated with these distractions goes without saying, but the point is, we know you like to be entertained! Red Arrow has a record for safety, so let us worry about the long drive as you sit back, watch a movie, play on your smartphone, or read a book. In fact, on Red Arrow luxury coaches, you have the ability to do all of the above simultaneously.

All Red Arrow coaches are fully equipped with luxury features to keep passengers comfortable and entertained during their trip. Students love the convenience of our free WiFi and power outlets for cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices. Our complimentary snacks and beverages are always a hit, we have free on-board movies, local & satellite radio, single row privacy seating, and lots of extra legroom to stretch out.

Get your homework done

There’s nothing like spending a good part of your vacation doing homework or studying for an impending exam.  With a heavy workload and lots of reading assignments, Red Arrow is much more convenient for the student who would like to use their travel time wisely to study, do research, and write papers.

On Red Arrow, our available WiFi makes all of that possible. Of course, many plane flights offer WiFi, but at a cost, and to be frank — connection is spotty at best. With our single row seating, and fold down tables, you’ll have the privacy to remain focused and study so that when the coach reaches its final destination, you can close the textbook and enjoy your time with family and friends.

As a student, we understand that you’re seeking affordable deals on… well,  just about everything! That’s why we’ve made our affordable travel even more affordable, entertaining and convenient! While school can be great (seriously!), sometimes it’s nice to escape for a weekend road trip, or plan a surprise visit home for your dad’s birthday.

Our Student Express Packs will allow you the freedom to do just that! Buy Your Express Pack online today, over the phone or at any one of our ticket offices.

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