Compare the Cost of Flying & Driving vs Taking the Red Arrow 

Be Productive and SAVE MONEY! 

As you continue to focus on the increasing cost of unproductive and expensive travel, one question remains:

How do you save money on business travel?

Every year, companies lose hundreds of productive work hours when employees fly or drive for business. The ability to open your laptop, take a business call, and work on-the-go while traveling with Red Arrow will potentially save you and your company hundreds of dollars every trip!

Think flying is cheaper and more convenient? Think again. 

Unlike the stress-free productive travel time on a Red Arrow motorcoach, flying is far more complicated and your productive time is limited.

What about driving a car instead?  We all know about the distracted driving laws.  You need to focus on the road and be aware of your surroundings while driving, so you and the other people on the road get to your destination safely. Your ability to conduct work, take phone calls and have any true productive time is extremely limited. 

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