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School's out soon! Read our 10 Tips for Travelling with Children

Posted by Red Arrow on May 25, 2017 1:23:45 PM

travelling with children

With summer holidays coming up, planning your family's summer activities is critical. If you're planning to do some travelling in Alberta, consider letting Red Arrow do the driving.

We know with children isn't always easy - and factoring a child’s needs into your travels involves a lot more than toting along some coloring books and making toilet stops. So, in an effort to make your travel as stress-free as possible, we’re sharing some hard-won wisdom for travelling on Red Arrow coaches with the kids.

1. Bring what you need

There’s nothing like embarking a long trip only to discover you left your daughter’s favorite stuffed animal or your baby’s bottle at home. Plan ahead with a checklist to make sure you pack all the essentials, not only for you, but your children. At Red Arrow, we have a pretty generous luggage policy and if you need more, we can allow some extra for a fee.

See how much luggage you’re allowed to take on board our coaches.

 2. Car seats are optional

If you wish to seat your child in their car seat next to you on board the motorcoach, you're welcome to do so. You should be aware that you'd be required to pay the fare for the seat occupied by the child's car seat and make sure that the car seat works in our seats. Alternatively, our motorcoaches are equipped with either lap belts, or 3 point seat belts that work well for kids. If the car seat is not being used, we can just place it underneath in the luggage bins.

3. You can send the kids on their own!

Sending your child to visit grandma? With our Unaccompanied Child Program, your kids can travel safely on our coaches, giving you peace of mind. We make sure we know exactly who is dropping them off and picking them up, we look after them while they're waiting and they can sit up front close to the driver while on board. Before you see them off, please make sure your child meets the below requirements:

  • Unaccompanied children must be 6-12 years of age, inclusive.
  • Children UNDER the age of six must be accompanied by someone 13 years or older.
  • A MAXIMUM of three children per family will be allowed to travel before adult supervision is required. When three unaccompanied children are traveling together, the oldest child must be AT LEAST 10 years old.

For more on our Unaccompanied Child Program, click here.

4. There’s WiFi

A busy and happy child makes for a relaxing and quiet trip. With us, you’re in luck — all of our luxury coaches are fully equipped with complimentary WiFi! So pack any and all of your kid’s electronic devices that’ll keep them busy and comfortable during the trip.

5. It's always snack time

We're proud to offer complimentary snacks and beverages on board all our coaches. Of course, you may want to bring your own snacks for you and your children, especially if anyone has special dietary concerns or food allergies, and you're absolutely welcome to do so.

6. There's room to play!

Red Arrow seats all have fold down tables, so don’t forget your cards, comics or coloring books. Additionally, thanks to loads of toddler-friendly apps out there, you can also just bring a device loaded with all the fun you and your children might need! 

7. Get comfortable

With just 36 seats on board our coaches (standard is 54), you'll see that there's plenty of space for you and the family to relax. The large reclining leather seats are also the perfect place for the little ones to take their afternoon nap.

8. Skip the bathroom breaks

Even when you suggest they go before the trip begins, it’s inevitable that at one point along the way, your child will need to go. All Red Arrow coaches are equipped with a lavatory for those kids that might be prone to those last minute bathroom emergencies.

9. Bring their bike

If your trip includes outdoor activities such as biking, you’re welcome to transport them with you on the coach! Just a note that bikes are only accepted from our Fort McMurray Ticket Office, Downtown Edmonton Ticket Office, Downtown Calgary Ticket Office, and our Downtown Lethbridge Ticket Office. The fee is $10 and the bike must either be packed inside a cardboard box or wrapped in bubble wrap or a blanket that is securely fastened.

10. Watch a flick

Among many other great features, one of our favourites is that all of our coaches include onboard movies, free of charge! Although all Red Arrow movies are edited for content, some movies may not be appropriate for all viewers, so discretion is advised.


Successfully pulling off a great family vacation requires a lot of planning, patience, and effort. Take some time to think about whether you really need to do the driving when travelling with us is so easy! We know your kids are precious cargo, so we'll be sure to take care and get your family Safely Home — book your family summer trip now!

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