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10 Ways Riding Red Arrow Increases Productivity

Posted by Skye Anderson on Jan 30, 2020 4:27:54 PM

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At Red Arrow, we know that choosing to ride with us compared to flying or driving yourself will ultimately increase your productivity. But how? We have outlined ten ways explaining how riding on coach helps you get more work done!

1) Fast check-in

Why waste time going through security at the airport when you don’t have to? Our fast and convenient check-in only requires you to be here 20 minutes prior to departure. Check-in and start working right away!

2) Free WiFi

From your check-in to onboard our coaches, you’ll have free WiFi for your entire trip with Red Arrow. You can work on those last-minute notes for your morning meeting or put the finishing touches on your presentation!

3) Single aisle seating

Are you more productive in your own space? Our single aisle seating options provide a comfortable and spacious office on the road. But be sure to book them well in advance, as they go fast.

4) Power outlets

There’s no need to worry about losing power on one of your devices with power outlets at every seat. Just make sure you bring your charging devices! If you forget, we have universal chargers available for $15.

5) Fold-down try table

Working on your computer while it’s sitting on your lap is not ergonomically friendly and can cause strain on your neck. Luckily, we have fold down tray tables you can put your computer on, making it easier to type and not as uncomfortable for your body.

6) Free coffee and snacks

If you’re feeling like your body needs a boost onboard our coaches, we have free coffee, pop, and snacks provided at the back in the galley. There’s nothing like a caffeine fix to increase productivity and concentration!

Corporate man grabbing snacks and drinks from the galley

7) Onboard washrooms

The washroom is located at the back of the coach, so it’s easily accessible while travelling. You won’t have to stop at a gas station to use the washroom, as you would driving yourself.

8) Last minute cancellations

Have you ever been a great meeting but worried you won’t make your departure time? You can stay at the meeting longer and be more productive with our last-minute cancellations, for those registered under our Corporate Accounts.

9) Downtown stops

Our downtown stops make it easy for you to disembark our coach then connect to your meetings. Our downtown Calgary location is right on 9th Avenue SE, and our downtown Edmonton location is conveniently on 104th Street.

10) Comfort and Relaxation

It’s much easier to be productive when you’re relaxed and comfortable. Our cozy, reclining leather seats will make your work on the road that much more enjoyable.

We hope that you have a better understanding on how Red Arrow can help you be more productive. If your company doesn’t have a Corporate Account, sign up today!


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