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3 Benefits of Using a Charter for Your Next Corporate Retreat

Posted by Red Arrow on Jul 25, 2016 10:16:32 AM

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If you’re planning a corporate retreat, considering using Red Arrow luxury coaches to charter your staff.  Red Arrow is a leader in event and corporate transportation with ample inventory, and a record for safety. Chartering a bus is a simple and cost-effective way to enhance the convenience and excitement of your work trip.

Remove the hassle of planning how to get to your retreat and charter a luxury coach with Red Arrow. While the benefits abound, here are our top three benefits of using a charter for your next corporate retreat.  

1. It’s Comfortable

Especially when you’re traveling long distances for a work retreat, allow your staff to actually enjoy the ride! Chartering a luxury coach can be a great opportunity for your team to prepare for a big business meeting, or do team-building exercises. Or perhaps you can offer the time to simply rest before a long work event.

Red Arrow coaches are fully equipped with luxury amenities that keep your guests relaxed on their journey. From complimentary WiFi, temperature control for comfort, extra legroom, optional on-board light meals, pillows, light fleece blankets, free onboard movies, power outlets, and so much more — Red Arrow buses will kick off, and conclude your work retreat the right way!

2. It’s Affordable

You know what’s not affordable? Half of your staff showing up late to an important work retreat because they drove their own vehicles and “got stuck in traffic”. Booking a charter service for your next retreat is the most affordable option for an employer. Just think about all the travel costs your company could incur in gas, parking, wear and tear etc., if your team were to drive their own vehicles.

Traveling with Red Arrow is a one time cost that you have total control over. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about Jim in purchasing being late to the retreat. When you have the option of transporting your entire staff at once you can control the time of departure and arrival. Instead of everyone driving their own vehicles, or looking for their own method of transportation and parking, chartering a bus allows everyone to arrive the same place all at once so you don’t miss important meetings or keynote speakers.

3. It’s Safe

In fact, safety is one of Red Arrow’s core values. By having a single transportation option for your team, you won’t have to worry about your staff driving their own vehicles long distances or maneuvering around roadside hazards, etc.

Red Arrow is committed to your safety. We’re focused on making good choices for our brand, ourselves, our co-workers, our passengers, and the public. Our safety vision is a declaration of our absolute commitment to safety in everything we do and, ultimately, it is about getting each and every one of our passengers Safely Home at the end of their respective journeys.

There are many benefits of chartering a bus with Red Arrow. So if you’re planning a big corporate retreat, consider letting us transport you and yours to your final destination. Safely.

To learn more about our luxury charter buses, visit our website at or give us a call at our toll-free number 1-800-232-1958.

Skip the airport lines, hidden fees, and less conducive work environment. Red Arrow can show you how to save money on business travel. Click here to see where Red Arrow can take your team this year.

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