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40 Tips for Riding Red Arrow

Posted by Skye Anderson on Sep 26, 2019 4:21:32 PM

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we’ve put together a list of 40 tips for riding Red Arrow. These helpful points will ease your travel with us and ensure you’re fully prepared for your next trip.



1) Always arrive 20 minutes before departure.

This is one of the best perks of choosing Red Arrow over flying!


2) We are a ticketless service, so there’s no need to print off your ticket.

Being environmentally friendly is important to us, therefore we don’t require you to have physical ticket to board.


3) Create an online account for more perks like our Frequent Travel Points.

Be sure to login to your account every time you book so the points are applied.


4) No need to buy drinks or snacks before you travel – we have them on board!

Save your money and enjoy our complimentary soft drinks, coffee, tea, water, and cookies!


5) Use luggage tags.

This will help you easily locate your bag when the driver is unloading the luggage.


6) Have your bicycle securely and safely wrapped before travelling.

It must be in bubble wrap, a bike box, or wrapped in something to ensure it doesn’t damage other luggage.


7) Bring headphones for our entertainment system and onboard movies.

But if you forget, we sell Red Arrow earbuds for $5.


8) Book well in advance to reserve a single aisle seat.

If you need privacy or extra room, our single aisle seating is the perfect option.


RA Seats 2017

9) Always check our social media pages for contests and giveaways.

You may have a chance to win a free trip by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


10) Locations and stops with an asterisk beside them (*) mean they require an advanced reservation.

The coach won’t stop at certain locations unless they’re booked in advance.


11) Reach out to our call centre anytime you need to change or cancel a booking.

The number is: 1-800-232-1958, and we’re open seven days a week.


12) Read our bi-weekly blog!

Topics of our blog include travel tips and tricks, top destinations in Alberta, events, promotions, giveaways, celebrations, and industry topics.


13) Always bring your I.D.

Even though we currently don’t require identification to travel, we reserve the right to ask for it and you may be asked at anytime.


14) Ensure your credit card information is up to date, including the address to which you receive your bills.

If the billing address in our system doesn’t match the address associated with your card, an AVS (Address Verification System) no match will occur. Every attempt at trying to charge the card with the wrong address causes the bank to put a temporary hold on that payment amount.


15) Sign up for a Corporate Account on our website.

Our Corporate Accounts allow last minute cancellations, advanced billing options, Frequent Traveller Points – and there’s no fee to sign up!


16) Book your holiday travel well in advance.

Our blackout period is December 13 – January 3, meaning it’s our busiest time of the year and you must give 24 hours for changes and cancellations.


17) Check out our Camrose Connector.

We have a regularly scheduled service between Camrose and Edmonton, including a stop in Hay Lakes.


18) Always bring your chargers!

We have power outlets at every seat for you to charge your devices.


RAMC_DSC08495_640x360 (1)

19) Take advantage of our AMA member discounts.

Simply provide your 16-digit AMA membership card number while booking to receive the discount.


20) Don’t book last minute.

Our motorcoaches fill up quickly, so make sure you book with plenty of time in advance.


21) Make sure you count your luggage correctly.

Four pieces of luggage are included in the fare, and remember your purse counts as a bag.


22) Do not consume alcohol before boarding our coach.

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol and intoxication onboard our coaches.


23) If you or someone you’re travelling with requires a wheelchair lift, the tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

This ensures our staff is aware of the requirements.


24) Always check our locations page on our website for updated addresses.

We’ll let you know, well in advance, on our website and social media if any of our locations are changing.


25) Call your friends, family, taxi, or Uber ahead of time so they’re waiting when the coach arrives.

With our evening coaches, the destination office may not be open in certain circumstances so it’s best to have your ride there prior to arrival.


26) Give yourself enough time to find parking.

Some of our locations have limited parking or require payment to leave your vehicle.


27) Always check the weather before you head out.

If a big snowstorm hits, you may need more time to get to our offices.


28) Please pay attention to our Safety Video played onboard during each departure.

There is important information that each passenger needs to know, and this is part of our mission to get you Safely Home.


29) Onboard your trip, feel free to ask your friendly driver any questions.

If the temperature is too cold, WiFi isn’t working, or you want to know the estimated time of arrival, our drivers are always happy to help.



30) Subscribe to our email list.

By subscribing to our emails, you’ll receive the latest updates on our locations, routes, promos, discounts, giveaways, and our blog!


31) Purchase our Express Packs if you travel a lot.

Our Express Packs are a great way to save money if you’re a frequent traveller. We have Student and Senior Express Packs where you’ll get five trips for the price of four. Our Adult Express Packs save over $100 on regular fares between Edmonton and Calgary.


32) Ride our free shuttle to a soccer game or horse jumping show at Spruce Meadows.

We provide a free and convenient service on game or event days from Somerset/Bridlewood LRT station to Spruce Meadows.


33) Know which location you’re getting off at in the destination city.

Some of the cities we service have multiple locations, so know which one you’re getting off at. The driver needs to know which stop to organize the luggage correctly.


34) To open our fridge onboard, pull down on the black handle, then pull.

Pulling down on the handle first unlocks the fridge, then it’s good to open.


35) Each seat has a handle, so use those when moving about the motorcoach during travel.

This will help you move about more safely while the coach is on the road.


36) We’re always looking for ways to improve, so please provide feedback on your experience.

We encourage our passengers to let us know how their trip was on Google or Facebook reviews.


37) Use our online booking system to search trip availability.

Even if you don’t end up booking, our online booking system will still show you the times, fares, and specific details of a potential trip you want to take.


38) Use Red Arrow for your next group trip!

We offer luxury Charters, from weddings to corporate events. Book the entire motorcoach and we’ll take you anywhere in Alberta!




39) Always check your seat and overhead bins for your belongings before you leave the coach.

We hold on to lost and found items for a maximum of 30 days.


40) If you’re on a coach that has stopped for a break, make sure you’re back on the coach in time for departure.

We always strive to leave on time, so you don’t want to get left behind.

We hope you find these tips and tricks helpful for your next trip with us. We want to make your trip as enjoyable, easy, and luxurious as possible. Thanks for your loyalty these past 40 years, Alberta! We look forward to another 40.




Book your trip online or with an agent in our call centre at: 1-800-232-1958.





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