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5 Tips for Chartering a Shuttle Service for your Conference

Posted by Red Arrow on Feb 28, 2018 1:12:53 PM

chartering-a-shuttle-servicePlanning a successful conference requires you to see your event through the eyes of an attendee. One of the biggest complaints among travelers is having to plan their transportation. However, you can take away this extra burden and enhance the experience of conference attendees by chartering a shuttle service for routine connections between conference events or arrange for airport transfers or sightseeing tours. You can even go the extra mile if you have a large number of conference attendees coming in from a nearby city and arrange for a few coaches to bring out of town delegates to the host city.

Before planning the transportation for your next conference, follow these five tips to enhance the attendees' experience.

1. Consider the Back-and-Forth

One of the most popular bus shuttle services for conferences is chartering a bus to get to and from the convention space to the hotel. Because many businesses prefer to stay relatively close to the center of the event, a shuttle company can provide a safe way to get to the destination without having to deal with weather, public transportation, or confusing walking directions.

In addition to using a shuttle service for the daily back and forth between conference events, shuttles can also be a great way to bring conference attendees from the airport to their hotels.  If enhancing the conference experience is one of your goals then arranging a site seeing or day trip to see local tourist attractions is something to consider.

2. Plan for Convenience

A shuttle shared by many travelers can cut down on transportation costs, such as reimbursing taxis or parking permits. In addition, it will encourage your attendees to socialize en route to conference events, while making your life easier because they will arrive and depart at the same time.

3. Map out a Schedule

Keeping your shuttle on schedule will help your conference stay on track, ensuring that your attendees arrive safely and on time. For this service, it’s best to choose a shuttle company that provides logistical customer service assistance. For example, a company or driver should know how to handle rush hour  or a busy hotel intersection, the fastest way to the entrance of the event space, and how to navigate unforeseen heavy traffic.

4. Don’t Forget the Add-On Events

Conferences and conventions that last several days or have a large number of visitors likely will include social or networking events around the main conference. Your guests will appreciate knowing that the shuttle is there when they need them, including when going “off-campus” to related events throughout your city. Arranging shuttle service to local networking events, landmarks or tourist attractions can enhance the experience for everyone.

5. Provide Extra Comforts

Many shuttle services allow you to add extra comforts, such as catered meals, beverages, or even onboard entertainment systems. These little luxuries can help your attendees relax before their big conference while also making a memorable impression.

We can help!

Chartering a shuttle is a simple, effective way to allow your guests to travel on-time and in comfort. With a few added comforts and a solid schedule, Red Arrow will help keep your conference running smoothly while our superior equipment will leave a positive impression in the minds of your attendees. Best of all, our experienced planners will give you peace of mind in knowing that all attendees’ transportation needs are arranged, keeping your focus where it belongs—on the event itself.

For more information on planning your conference in Alberta, check out the Travel Alberta website for meeting planners.
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