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5 Tips for Holiday Travel with Red Arrow

Posted by Skye Anderson on Oct 10, 2019 3:03:52 PM

Travelling during the holidays is an exciting time because it usually ends with friends or family greeting you, or a massive turkey dinner. But it can also be a little chaotic with the extra volume of people moving from place to place. We have five helpful tips for travelling with Red Arrow during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

1) Check the weather well in advance

Although it may be your plan to drive during the holidays, make sure you check the weather beforehand. We still have a few seats available for this Canadian Thanksgiving but try to plan well in advance for Christmas. Weather apps such as The Weather Network can forecast up to two weeks, so it should give you an idea of what the weather is going to be like. If you’re anxious about driving on winter roads, then it might be a good idea to book a ticket for Christmas, then cancel it if you decide to drive.


2) Arrive early for your departure

While we don’t require you to check-in two hours prior like with air travel, we only ask you arrive 20 minutes before your departure. However, our offices are very busy throughout the holidays, so giving yourself a little extra time to check-in is a good idea. Then you can relax and enjoy our ticket office WiFi while waiting for the motorcoach to arrive.


3) Be aware of holiday specific policies

Our Blackout Period is from December 13 to January 3 this year, and that means you must give 24 hours notice for changes and cancellations. You’re still able to change your trip with a change fee, but tickets are fully non-refundable during this time. Frequent Traveller Points can be earned at this time, but not redeemed. Corporate Accounts still have the flexibility to change or cancel trips up until the coach leaves. Due to the busy schedule and overloads added for the holidays, we require more notice during the to accommodate more people. There is no Blackout Period for Thanksgiving travel.


4) Buy an Express Pack for your family

Are multiple family members travelling with you? All our Express Packs are fully transferable, so they’re a great way to save on travel for the whole family. Instead of buying separate tickets, you save on over $100 by purchasing an Adult Express 10 Pack. Another fantastic thing about Red Arrow Express Packs is that they never expire. If you don’t use all trips this Thanksgiving, you can save them for Christmas, or even your travels in 2020. On our luxury motorcoaches, you can watch a movie with your family or catch up on that book you’ve been trying to finish. Instead of driving, just sit back and relax!


5) Combine luggage as needed

If you’re travelling with packages or gifts make sure you combine them accordingly, so you don’t exceed our four-piece luggage allowance. You can put all your gifts into one big box or bag, rather than travelling with all of them separately and potentially paying extra luggage fees. Please understand that holidays are the busiest time of the year for Red Arrow, so have your luggage combined before your set departure. Remember that purses count as a bag, too.



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