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5 Tips for Living Well in 2018

Posted by Red Arrow on Jan 25, 2018 3:42:32 PM


The new year is always a time of revisiting how we do things. It's the time when you think about making some changes for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet. We, at Red Arrow feel the same way and we have some ways we think we can help you do just that! Let us coach you along.

Here are just five (of many) ways to live well in 2018:

1. Shop Local.

Shopping local and supporting home grown businesses is a great way to contribute to the economy here at home. Locally owned businesses invest more in local labour, pay local taxes, spend more time on community based decisons, and spend more money in the local community themselves. Red Arrow is proud to be a family owned, Alberta based business and we've been serving Alberta residents and communities since 1979. We have offices, team members, and families in our locations throughout Alberta, and we support each community we serve.  

2. Live Green.

One of the easiest way to contribute to the earth is to use sustainable forms of transportation. By using shared travel options (such as a 46 passenger coach) you're helping to reduce emissions and traffic. Just one Red Arrow coach potentially takes 46 vehicles off the road. Multiply that by the number of trips we do every day, and well, let's just say that if you choose us you've definitely checked off that "Living Green" resolution!

3. De-stress.

We know you're always looking for ways to reduce stress in life and not having to drive is a great way to help. Driving on busy roads, being stuck in traffic, worrying about weather, avoiding construction, and watching out for other cars and pedestrians are just a few ways that can really get your blood pressure jumping. Why not sit back, relax, and enjoy our on-board amenities while our professional drivers get you to your destination and Safely Home.

4. Save time.

Who ever said "Wow, there were just too many hours in that day today!"? Our guess? Nobody. With such busy lives, claiming a few extra productive hours in the day would be amazing. Well, now you can! When you take Red Arrow, you're on the road but instead of being stuck behind the wheel, you'll be able to get some stuff done. With our free Wifi you'll finish that important report, stay connected and catch up with friends and family, sneak that much needed nap in, or just sit back and enjoy some snacks and a movie so that you arrive at your destination fully revived.

5. Travel More.

Whether visiting friends and family or going to a special event, even just a weekend away is a very important part of enjoying life. With convenient daily service between Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge, and Cold Lake we can take you where you need to go. And since we're pretty much Alberta travel experts, we also know all the things to do. We’re no stranger to K-Days, GlobalFest, Stampede, Ice on Whyte and all the other festivals and events around the province. Not only do we attend them ourselves but we'll also take you there.

So, live well in 2018 and book your next trip on Red Arrow today!

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