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Posted by Red Arrow on Feb 7, 2019 4:16:42 PM




Although Red Arrow is often associated with corporate travel and intercity business commutes, Red Arrow is also perfect for students away at university!  Here are a few key features that our student passengers love:


1. “Where’s the Wifi?”

We know students can’t afford to lose precious study time, so what if you use your travel time to get your work done so that you can enjoy your weekend away! Red Arrow offers complimentary Wi-Fi on board, so whether you are sharing photos from your trip to Instagram, or logging on to do remote work and crunch that deadline, our onboard wifi have you fully connected the entire way.


2. Enjoy the Show 

As natural multi-taskers, millennials and students tend to keep themselves constantly occupied. But in-between all that productivity, it’s a good idea to take a break from working or studying. Our onboard movies can provide a fun little escape and you just might catch a flick you didn’t think to watch (or isn’t available on Netflix!).


3. Save a Buck… or two!

Compared to flight tickets, Red Arrow fares are easy on your wallet. Additionally, students have the choice to purchase our Student Express Packs, where more truly is less (…less money, that is!) and buying a bundle of tickets helps you save. Conveniently, our Express packs are paperless, meaning you never have to worry about carrying around tickets or boarding passes. 


4. Convenient Booking

With a handy mobile booking system, you hold the key to convenience in the palm of your hand! Buying your ticket on Red Arrow is as easy as hopping on on your mobile device and selecting your trip details.  Instant confirmation and paperless ticket documents go right to your email so you don’t have to fuss with paperwork.


Red Arrow provides you with the freedom of travel across Alberta, in a comfortable way that suits your busy lifestyle. We are happy to be the motorcoach service of choice for many generations of passengers, and are proud to offer luxury features that continue to entice new riders to take the leap… and go Red Arrow!



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