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Red Arrow CEO Recognized as Inspiring Albertan

Posted by Red Arrow on Mar 14, 2019 9:02:22 AM

We have a lot to be proud of at Red Arrow with our longtime service in Alberta. We also take pride in being Canadian based, in being family owned, and in our inspirational leaders, namely owner and CEO, Mike Colborne.

CTV has an “Inspiring Albertan” feature, which talks about Albertans that have made a difference in our community and province. For his work reducing unemployment rates among developmentally challenged people, our very own Mike Colborne, CEO, was spotlighted.



"All of us need someone in our lives who inspires us. I've been fortunate to have a lot of people who have inspired me in my journey." - Darrel Janz, CTV

In Alberta, the unemployment rate among developmentally challenged people is shockingly high, at about 80%, but there are people, such as Mike, who have stepped up in partnership with Inclusion Alberta with a Positive Attitude to give these people jobs, and ultimately a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Inclusion Alberta partners with Rotary club businesses to place persons with disabilities in workplaces to help pair them with positions. Inclusion Alberta believes that persons with disabilities deserve the same opportunities as those without, “to have every opportunity for a career, make a contribution; earn an income and be valued as community members.” Jobs are developed in partnership with businesses that are genuine and meaningful. Inclusion Alberta supports both the employer and employee throughout the partnership, providing resources which help to ensure positive outcomes from the program.

Mike is a leading example of this partnership, employing 3 people through the Rotary and Inclusion Alberta partnership. He states, "I felt that, as an owner of a company, I could do more for our community." And that is exactly what he’s done! Mike’s display of our Core Values, Respect and Positive Attitude towards each person he employs makes a difference to each and every person in the Pacific Western Transportation family.

“It’s so critical that we have citizens who open their hearts and doors to people with developmental disabilities in the work of employment. Mike is an exemplary leader in this, as he not only hires people with developmental disabilities but he chairs the committee of Rotarians who voluntarily work to develop jobs for people.” - Carla Hamarsnes, Rotary Employment Coordinator for Calgary at Inclusion Alberta.

Thanks Mike, we're so proud to call you our leader.


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