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Save Money on Business Travel with Red Arrow!

Posted by Red Arrow on Jun 30, 2017 2:45:00 PM

At Red Arrow we understand what is important when it comes to Business Travel, because we travel for business ourselves. Business travel should be safe, comfortable, efficient and of course, affordable. Traveling for business on Red Arrow is one of the best ways to reduce spending and stay productive. Here are 5 ways Red Arrow can help your business save money:

Corporate Travellers on Red Arrow bus

1. It's less expensive than flying

As we're sure you’re well aware, flying can be expensive. With a costly ticket price, additional fees, parking and/or a taxi, all of this adds up. And if you have to make a last minute trip, flying can cost even more. Red Arrow offers affordable pricing that stays consistent year-round while offering a safe, productive, comfortable and efficient travel experience.

Another cost not often considered with flying is your's or your employee's valuable time. Spending time parking, check-in, security and boarding, hours can be lost before you even depart. At Red Arrow, we have a very simple check-in process that requires travelers to arrive only 15 minutes prior to departure.

2. Don't pay employees to drive

Having employees drive can become quite costly when you calculate the loss of productivity, salaries being paid while driving and adding up mileage expenses - not to mention the safety concerns on the highway. Red Arrow has professionally trained drivers, holds Safety as one of it's Core Values and is commited to getting your employees Safely Home!

Additionally, driving a vehicle does not allow employees to work while they travel an many potentially productive hours can be lost on the road. With complimentary WiFi, power outlets at every seat, and reclining leather seats onboard every bus, employees will be completely productive while travelling.

3. Let a Red Arrow Coach be your office-on-the-go!

One of the greatest features of every Red Arrow luxury coach is the single row privacy seating. This Corporate traveller in single seat on Red Arrow busallows for professionals to get a solid amount of work done while they travel. Some travelers use this time to prepare presentations, answer emails, organize notes, or almost anything you could get done in the office. With laptop plugins, 30% more legroom, and fold down table, you or your employees will feel right at home while working from the road.

Of course the luxury features don’t stop there. Our coaches feature reclining leather seats, a complimentary galley with snacks and drinks, armrests, footrests, overhead compartments, satellite radio, and even onboard movies for the worker that needs a break.

4. Pre-pay for your trip and save

Do you or your company travel often for work? One of the best ways to double up on the savings with Red Arrow is to purchase an Adult Express 10 Pack! These packs provide 10 pre-paid tickets to be used with Red Arrow at any time. Express Packs never expire and are fully transferable.

These passes also make bookings travel very quick and easy with no need to provide payment information or worry about expensing each individual trip once the pack is purchased.

The Adults Express 10 Pack offers the greatest savings for travel with Red Arrow. For travel between Edmonton and Calgary, your business will save over $100. Couple that with the savings from not flying or driving and increased productivity, and this will significantly reduce your business travel expenses.


5. Avoid Change or Cancellation Fees

Don't know when that meeting will end? Running behind? No worries! When you have a Corporate Traveller Account with us, you have the benefit of an extended change/cancelation fee with Red Arrow. This saves on any unwanted change or cancellation fees and adds an extra level of flexibility to your travel.

Regular travellers are required to provide 30 minutes notice for AM departures and 3 hours notice for PM departures. Without proper notice, a $25 change fee is charged. For Corporate Travelers, this fee is waived and changes or cancelations can be made right up until the time of departure.

For those reasons and more, be sure to sign up for (or keep using) your Corporate Traveller Account with Red Arrow and start saving today!

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Save Money on Corporate Travel

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