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Should you travel by bus or plane? Let us coach you along.

Posted by Red Arrow on Aug 24, 2017 4:41:52 PM

Whether it's for work, family, school, or just for fun, there are a few options for you to travel between Edmonton and Calgary. To help you decide, we've compared the benefits of travelling by bus versus by plane for you!

For this comparison, we've calculated an average one way trip from Downtown Calgary to Downtown Edmonton, taking either a plane or one of our buses. We've compared important factors such as cost, time, and productivity. Check out what we've come up with below:

flying vs taking th bus comparison

Fares: Knowing that airlines change their fares quite often and that it all depends on when you book and availability, we went with an average fare after searching flights over the next few months. Just so you know, Red Arrow fares stay the same no matter when you go, or when you book. In this case, Red Arrow came in at about half price.

Travel to and from the Airports: Since we're comparing downtown Calgary to downtown Edmonton, we have to factor in the time and cost of getting to the Calgary (YYC) Airport and from the Edmonton (YEG) airport. In this comparison, we assumed that somebody would be taking a taxi. However, if you were driving your own car, then you would need to factor in fuel and parking instead. Either way, Red Arrow has locations in the core of both cities, so with us there is no additional cost nor travel time needed.

Arrival time prior to departure: When flying, airlines ask that passengers check-in 90 minutes prior to domestic flights to ensure there is enough time to check-in, go through security, and wait in the departure lounge to board. With Red Arrow, you just need to arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to check-in and boarding takes about 5 minutes including stowing luggage either beneath or above. While we're talking about luggage, check out our luggage policy here. (Hint: we don't charge extra until you have more than four pieces, or unless it's something special like golf clubs or a bike - which we also do allow!).

Travel Time: We calculated the travel time based on the time the passenger would be sitting on the airplane or bus. Planes go pretty fast, so there are no surprises that the flight time is much less than travelling on the ground.

WiFi Connectivity/Productivity: When you're flying, depending on line-ups, check-in, and your flight you may have time to check some emails and quickly go over that report. And you may even be extremely lucky to be able to pay for some WiFi while in-flight. So overall, we calculated that you'd likely get around one hour of productivity (but not necessarily on WiFi and not necessarily free). With Red Arrow, you're on our free WiFi from the moment you board to the moment you disembark.

Total Travel Time: We had mentioned above that the travel time on a plane is obviously much faster but if we're calculating total travel time, we must include the time it takes to travel to and from the airports as well as check-in/boarding/security. When comparing those totals, Red Arrow might be a closer second than you think!

Total Cost: We don't think anyone would be surprised to learn that flying is more expensive than taking a bus. However, by having to add in a taxi (or parking and fuel) and not to mention WiFi and/or luggage fees (which we didn't even add in), flying then becomes more than triple the cost of a Red Arrow Motorcoach.

Corporate man on Red Arrow Bus

Single Aisle Seating with free wifi and power outlets. (Above)

We should also mention that we have complimentary advanced seat selection (and one of our aisles is single seating only!), free snacks and refreshments, power outlets at every seat, and onboard movies (just in case relaxation and entertainment are on the agenda instead of work). 

In conclusion, we realize that your time is very precious and we can't argue with the fact that you will save approximately 35 minutes if you fly. But, if you've got a bit of time to spare in return for paying a third of the price while being four times more productive, then we think you should hop on board with us here at Red Arrow!

If you do normally fly and have never travelled with us before, we have a deal on right now to try us at 50% off. Check it out here:

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