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Staying Productive While Traveling for Business (Video)

Posted by Red Arrow on May 24, 2018 1:00:00 PM

Business travellers have a million and one things to worry about such as meeting deadlines, managing employees, and getting to their client meeting on time. Whether or not they can access their email or connect to the internet while traveling shouldn’t be one of them. Having Wi-Fi on every coach is just one of the ways that Red Arrow helps business travellers stay productive and arrive at their destination in comfort.  

Check out our short 15 second video:

Wi-Fi Access: A Must for the Business Traveller

Now, Wi-Fi access is one of the chief concerns for many of our potential passengers.  

For a business traveller, having access to Wi-Fi while travelling can be the difference between getting a few hours of work done and getting a good nights rest or spending several hours of unproductive time traveling and having to catch up when you get your destination. What you can achieve on your laptop with access to Wi-Fi is almost unlimited and you can get almost as much done while travelling as you can while in your office. Maybe it’s working on last minute reports, checking emails, checking in with your staff, keeping informed with news affecting your company or working on a project with your traveling co-worker beside you.  Whatever you do while connected to the internet, you will definitely feel more connected and get more done.

Wi-Fi Access on Airplanes: Is the Expense Worth It?

While it’s becoming more prevalent on the longer flights of major airlines, Wi-Fi is still not universal on all flights and in most cases passengers have to pay a substantial fee to access the Wi-Fi for even just a few hours. Even with Wi-Fi available on your flight, the amount of time it takes to taxi and get to an altitude you are allowed to use electronic devices such as laptops you have already missed out on 30 - 40 minutes of time you could have been working instead of waiting to get some work done. With the amount of time you have access to Wi-Fi on airplanes limited, is it worth the time and expense to connect?

Not only is the Wi-Fi expensive on most airlines but on shorter trips you may spend as much time navigating through the airport as you do in the air. The process of waiting in line for boarding passes, security, baggage claim, etc...cuts into your productivity and adds a lot of time to your business travel. Driving yourself eliminates your productivity and could put your safety at risk if you’re trying to manage work tasks instead of focusing on the road.  

How to Connect to Red Arrow Wi-Fi

Red Arrow passengers choose our service time and time again due to our free Wi-Fi access for the duration of their trip. All you have to do is ensure your Wi-Fi-enabled device is connected to “Red Arrow Wireless”, then open your browser and accept the Terms of Use to begin checking email and surfing the web.

Our Wi-Fi access allows business passengers to be more productive with their day when answering emails and working on their computer instead of driving themselves and focusing on the road.

Additional Perks

Some perks that business travellers will enjoy on Red Arrow coaches include: 

  • Personal laptop plug-ins for charging electronics

  • Fold-down tray tables to rest your laptop or tablet

  • Comfortable seating and a single-seat privacy row

  • Adjustable head rests

  • Arm rests

  • Overhead compartments to stow briefcase or laptop carrier

  • Complimentary beverages and snacks

As an employer, you'll also be making sound business decisions by knowing that:

  • You don't have to pay mileage or gas expenses
  • You're not paying your employees for unproductive time if they are driving
  • You're supporting one of the most sustainable forms of travel
  • You can apply for a Corporate Account that offers many benefits, such as last minute cancellations and monthly invoicing

Minimize your mobile work worries and maximize your Wi-Fi connection at no extra cost when travelling within Alberta with Red Arrow coach services for business travellers. View our schedule and book your ticket here.


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