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The Easiest Way to Get Employees to the Job Site

Posted by Red Arrow on Dec 5, 2016 7:47:00 AM

Let’s face it – a major factor in choosing your mode of transportation boils down to cost. In Alberta, there are thousands of employees who need to be booked on flights or coaches to get to job sites. Travel coordinators and key decision makers look at costs when they are organizing the transportation for crew rotations. Chartering a coach is a cheaper and smarter. With the option of multiple pickup locations, common airport issues such as parking, are eliminated. Below is an infographic outlining the cost benefits of chartering a coach for large groups.

Barbara, who is the travel coordinator for a local oil and gas company, was looking into how best to get their team of 30 employees to a Fort McMurray area worksite in a cost effective manner. Thinking it would simplify things and lower her costs, she decided they would charter a flight, and everyone would get themselves to the airport for an early morning flight. But it turned out that the long-term parking lots were packed, causing some employees to be as much as 40 minutes late for the flight. At the destination airport, Barbara had arranged for two vans to provide transportation to the meeting venue. Unfortunately, only one of them showed up. After a lengthy delay, the rest of the team ended up taking taxis, and in all the confusion, several pieces of luggage went missing. By the time they all finally reached the meeting location, Barbara and her team had lost several hours of valuable time on the worksite.

You can avoid all of these issues and lower your overall trip costs by choosing just one mode of transportation for the entire trip. When you consider the time you’ll save finding parking for private vehicles, loading luggage on and off the plane, then loading it onto ground transportation, you will find that there’s not that much of a time difference between flying and taking a charter coach. But there’s a lot less hassle.

Save time, hassle, and hundreds of thousands of dollars by chartering a coach. Contact us today to book your customized transportation. 

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