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Ways to Stir up Motivation in Your Workplace

Posted by Red Arrow on Mar 28, 2019 12:49:52 PM

Hint: Red Arrow's Core Values of Teamwork and Positive Attitude both help Motivate!

Research shows that greater workplace results are achieved when employees feel motivated at work. Higher motivation means better quality work and increased workplace satisfaction! We are more likely to exceed the expectations on a project or task if we have a healthy amount of motivation to fuel it. However, we know motivation can sometimes be hard to find, so we have compiled a couple of easy every-day practices to help boost your productivity and drive.

  1. Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude is one of Core Values here at Red Arrow and we know that shifting our thinking into a more positive frame can help in virtually every situation. Whenever there is a struggle at work, reframe your thinking to focus on the positive outcomes or aspects of the situation to encourage motivation. For example, if there is a new big project that will take loads of time, approach it with the mindset of “this is a great opportunity for me to exercise my time management skills” or “excelling at this project will be great for the company’s reputation.” This simple shift can easily divert everyone’s attention to the positive outcome and also have an immediate impact on outputs and attitude.

  1. Build Relationships

Making friends at work can shift your perspective of work from being a stressful environment into a more enjoyable place. Working with a team who are more than just your co-workers or employees significantly increases workplace satisfaction. Start by taking breaks and enjoying the down time with some coffee, lunch, or plan some after work team-building activities. Not only does this strengthen collaboration, but it gives everyone something to look forward to. Teamwork is another one of our Core Values and we’ve learned that these are sure-fire ways to build a bond that not only enhances our work life, but also gets noticed by our customers.

  1. Recognize Hard Work

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially after putting in their best effort. So if you have a co-worker or an employee that is exceeding expectations, it is important to let them know their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Something as simple as a card, or a small token of appreciation, goes a long way. These kinds of meaningful gestures encourage the individual and the others around them.

Are you ready to increase motivation in your workplace? Don’t wait to start integrating these steps into your workplace culture.

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