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Recently, Red Arrow's Corporate and Charter Sales Representative Kevin Dmtryk wrote an interesting article on LinkedIn about the importance of travelling by motorcoach and we thought we'd share some of it on this week's blog!

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Why We Need Motorcoach Services...and Always Have!

By Kevin Dmytruk, Corporate and Charter Sales
Red Arrow

In 1610, the stagecoach began operating its first route, running in the United Kingdom between Edinburgh and Leith. It was crude and had no suspension, which forced it to operate at low speeds and made for a very uncomfortable ride – all of that aside, this was the beginning of the motorcoach industry that we know today!

Each year more and more routes were introduced, and technological advancements allowed coaches to travel further distances and allowed passengers to enjoy a more civilized form of travel. They covered distances that by foot would have taken weeks or months in just a few hours or days. By 1756, the stagecoach made its way to America and a route was established from New York to Philadelphia, this was one of the earliest examples of scheduled intercity passenger service. By the early 1800s, there were hundreds of coaches traversing America, transporting people, goods, and the mail

The stagecoach was a staple of The Old West, and not just for transporting people. As it was increasing in popularity and becoming the preferred way to travel, companies like Western Union were using stagecoaches to take money from bank to bank across The West as well. Without the stagecoach, travel would have been far more challenging, if not impossible.
"Today, motorcoaches have evolved immensely from those rough riding beasts of burden, to luxurious highway travelers with many amenities such as leather seats, WiFi, and onboard washrooms."
The modern-day motorcoach owes its success to its humble beginnings as a stagecoach. In the 1830s, we saw the opening of the railway, and some thought that this innovative form of travel would surely be the end of the stagecoach...



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